Smart move

Wife: Dear, there's an accident outside. A car hit the bus.
Me: What, who when how where? (Thinking its our car or she waited until now to tell me stuff)
Wife: Just happened. I heard a thump.
Me: Not ours, right? Not THE car?
Wife: No, lar. Its just outside there.
Me: [Quickly go opened the door]

Me: Wow. I must take some photos
Wife: Don't lar. Dun be so busy body.What if the owner hits you?
Me: One shot. Just one shot!
Wife: No.

So, I go away sulking while my Wife keeps looking at me, knowing I am itchy to take the shots. And then, as she brings Kristine up to bed, she made a mistake of talking to my Dad ....

Wife: Dad, theres and accident outside . . . . blah blah blah
Dad: [rushing down] Must take picture! Must take picture! Son! Your camera ready or not?
Me: Yeah, (ha ha ha) Its ready (ha ha ha) [Laughing a wife]

I think the Smart4Four's damage is more than the bus.

This is the picture I am trying to submit to the Star but it keeps
kicking me out saying there is some technical error. I've tried 2
times and will try tomorrow again.

Half an hour later...
Dad: Son, the car is gone
Me: Want me to take more photos?
Dad: . . . . .

Yeah, I know the answer. The owner must be somewhere nearby and its risky.

Things you can do when no one is watching

was at a customer's place installing phones. Unfortunately, the office is still empty as the renovations have just completed. And I think, I am the last guy to go in before the staff shifts over. While I was installing, tow guys came in, pushing the copier machine into place. And they start to unpack/unwrap all the plastic, installed it and left, leaving the empty cartons by the side. I paid no heed until a very sweet girl came in.

I think she is the Sales person for the copier. For the rest of the time, she figured out which mains power point is working and then plugged it in. Hola! It works! And after that, she fiddled it some more and left.

An hour later, after I have done my work, I decided to see what they have done to the new copier. Apart from delivering it, unwrapping it and switching it on, nothing. From the floorplan given to me, this machine would be the copier and FAX machine. I have prepared the spot earlier, and even labeled the faceplate meant for the FAX machine and these people did not even bother to ask. (Except when she asked me which of the three power points were working, which, in my best impersonation of a professional idiot, "Er, dunno.")

But this is not their fault as they are doing their job. It will be a matter of time before the third guy, and Engineer or technician would come over to set the system up or calibrate it. Or whatever he is paid to do to, from making sure the customer sees that he is there "working", making sure its that is actually working and not also not start a fire.

Anyway, I just searched for their telephone cable under all the debris and plugged it in. There job done and I can now fax anything to anywhere. But since I do not know the umber for the plumbers in Bungoria, I settled for the next best thing:

Nice copier. They even loaded the papers in.
And its all ready!

And so, the test of the scanner begins. The colour tone is not too bad
except for the slight yellow/white blotches. However, it pickes up
reflective surfaces badly, as seen on the Nokia 5800's refective
protective screen. But for a (reflective and polarised) LCD watch
surface, the detail is very good.

The scanner is able to pick up details even even when it is about less
than an inch away. And so, I got some to cooperate to try this test
where everything was scanned perfectly. But I stopped here as there
is no point going further even though there were some socks and a
pair of shoes lying about on the floor.