The start of the problem

Its close to New Year and I have my first real problem.

Which is not a nice feeling because of the coming holidays, there is no way for the factory to overcome this production shortfall. Here, I am taking what I can to the customer. And I hate it for every step that I take since its wrong.

Kenny's Place

OK, time for a break here. We just heard that Kenny has broken his foot. Which is a surprise as even some of his closest friend did not know about it. But nevertheless, once I found out, we decided to call on him.

Apparently, there was some Sports activity in his company. And he was told to participate which he did. It was all fine until some buffoon stepped in his heel...

You want to know the funny part?

We were all admiring the 2009"Star Trek Phaser from Quantum Mechanix instead of his injury the whole time. Maybe it because of the fact that his leg cast does not even resemble the anti-gravity boots worn by Spock in Star Trek V.

For a polystone cast of the real stunt prop taken from a digital file and plated with real metal, it is quite big and feels heavily, real.

Bigger than the shiny toy from Playmates

And much more detailed. Because its based fro a stunt phaser, there are no moving parts. And no electronics either, which, at this stage, the Playmates toy wins. But there were plans for a 'fully functional' version int he future, complete with electronics. Its now close to 2012, so I guess it might come out after the 2013 movie.

However, RM300 (plus postage, of course) or thereabouts for an actual, non moving prop is quite a bargain. But then, you have to appreciate and be aware of this kind of thing before saying stupid things like, "OMG. That is so expensive! What a rip-off!"
So, do I want one? Yes and no. Yes, because its an actual screen-accurate prop. No because its made from polystone which is used for high end statues. No matter how you call it, when it falls, you know the scenario...

That is, unless someone can do a resin roto-cast which I can gut the toy's electronics....