There is never a dull moment with dhal. Some stalls have thick dhal which you can spread it like jam on your toast/biscuit/cornflakes/Twisties, etc. Some dhal are watery which you can drink it like a spicy soup. But I like the ones which are in between. This is because just like the brownish coconut sauce that goes on your tosai, I just love to mix them with my rice. And if they have the hot chili version, then it is ideal.

So far, I have not had the chance to mix it with pasta and sprinkle it with crushed papadums and slice raw onions, mixed with durian flesh and Cheezels……….

Unfortunately, if you had diorrhea.....

May 13

After looking for this book all over the place, I found it. The reason I was so interested in this book was because there were come parties calling for it to be banned. Since I have not read it yet, I cannot say much. But the sad thing was, after a week I bought it, it was sold openly all over the place. cheh.

Still, I do not understand, why is everyone so "afraid" of this book?

Priviledge Card

I spent so mucht time there they had to give me
a discount card. Its just so that I can get my
10% when the regular staffs are not there

Will's Torchlight

This was the second trip to Pasar Road just to get the torchlight. The first was on a Tuesday morning which I arrived too late as there was a big "wind" moments ago ("wind" as in authorities raiding your stalls and confiscating all your hard earned pirated goods). Yes, all these goods are good and some are not so good. But whatever it is, its still not as good as the ORI good, which is good good. But sometimes, the pirated good is as good as the good good. So, good or not?

Actually, in truth, I would go to Pasar Road again and again given just any excuse. This time, I was for my wife’s right indicator light module on her Wira. There are a lot of torchlight there, from the slim 1Watt to the Police 5 Watt versions. So, since Willa asked me nicely, I decided to get him a 5 Watt Police Torchlight. Police? Yeah.

But let’s get a few things straight here. Firstly, this is not an actual Police torchlight. And they do not come in a faux wooden cases. Not only that, even if you are a retired Police Officer, no one in the right mind would present such a stupid "fuck-off" gift to you. Secondly, although it says there is a 5 Watt LED inside, and unless there are words like Surefire or you paid more than RM200.00, it is not an original 5 Watt Luxeon LED torchlight. Period. And thirdly, there is no guarantee that the torchlight would work 100% even with all those "waterproof" seals and asking for a refund is like asking Mike Tyson to sew back the ear. And lastly, or ly-ly, Police do not buy their torchlights at the road shoulder.

So, Will wanted a torchlight and he got it. A RM15 torchlight, to be exact. (More like Torchlight = RM8.00, Wooden box = RM3.00, free weak batteries = RM2.00 and an additional RM2.00 as profit guarantee for not buying the recommended separate belt holster which costs RM2.00). So, yeah, the torch is bright but because of the reflector design, its still throwing the light about everywhere. Maybe I can buy a RM12 plastic collimator lens from Farnell and modify the reflector.............

Nah, this is Will's torchie. No touchie Will’s torchie.

Reminds me of a cigar box

And when you open it, there you go, a big stoogie

Which you can light up at one end