Facial Hair

OK, its one of these times where I would do something weird. I tried to grow a beard. I have tried this before, (in '93, '96, & 01) but never succeeded due to the following reasons:

1) I would get an earful from Mom
2) I could get a displeasing remark from Wifey
3) The chicken pox scars still won't grow hair
4) It gets itchy when I wipe my mouth
5) I surprise myself when I accidentally look down with my eye (only to see a weird caterpillar legs, which is actually the beard)

And so, on this current attempt, I discovered something new since I broke my personal record of keeping it for 10days:

1) It stinks
2) You need to sip your drinks/soup and can't wallop it or else you get stuff stuck to your moustache
3) You tend ot use more tissue paper to wipe stuff off your beard and they usually turn dark grey
4) Sweat actually forms at the bottom of the chin
5) You tend to rub the hair more than you want to
6) You start to think and compare about the hair on your private parts (or someone else's)
7) You actually save batteries/eletrcicity on your shaver (that is, until you need to shave it off)
8) Your neck feels itchy
9) Your arm develops a nasty rash or exhibits stressed skin after every meal or where there are no tissue paper (or wall) nearby.
10) You will actually act like a Gentleman and eat like one, unless your favoutire idol is Hagar the Horrible

This is my 10 day old beard
I looked so happy

This is when I discovered I cannot eat like a glutton without bits of food sticking to the beard

This is what happens when both Mom and Wifey ganged up on me

Stupid Kancil Driver

Its after five and on a Friday, everyone wants to go home as soon as possible. And when I came out from my customer's place, the road was already jammed up. Everyone had to be patient, especially me when a few motobikes squeezed past my car by pressing their legs against my car bumper. Then, one woman can't bear in anymore and started to horn from behind. I was already stuck since the car in front did not want to give way. Everytime I stopped, I got horned by her until we reached the main road. I was so pissed by then, when I saw her trying to overtake me from the rear, I sped up to prevent that. And slowed the car down to make her more frustrated. She was so impatient and in a jam, you just cannot do this as everyone is already doing their best. I just pity her that one day, she might not be that lucky as I am sure, ther are others who are stronger and has a shorter fuse than myself.

This is us driving fast on a jammed road

After managing to overtake at the leftmost lane, only did she want to have a look at me
I was prepared and as she turned her head, I took her photo. But seriously, its time to get that circular polariser lens to cut out all the glare/reflections.

And I forgot to note down her license plate. Damn!

System Installation @ Menara IMC

This is one of those PABX installations I would remember for quite sometime. This building has some very strict Rules when it comes to renovations and equipment installations. Suffice to say, some of the contractors there has been blacklisted and they stopped all work for a day (originally, it was three). This means that everyone's schedule has turned upside down.

But luckily for us, being the phone guys, we're still on schedule. So, for today, we're to mount the system only. Tomorrow, its terminating the cabling, commissioning the Telekom lines and system programming. There ware a few snafus but it was not our fault:

1) The put in the shelves which was a bit too tight for our system. In the end, there was no space for the electrical contrator to install the electrical points side by side. I had to tell them to install them on top of each other.
2) Unfortunately, the contractor was not there and promised us that it we would have power tomorrow at 12 pm.
3) The Streamyx Guys told the customer that they need a fixed line and so did the people at the counter. Unfortunately, when the real Telekom Engineers came they said it was not necessary since the line the customer subscribed to was SDSL and not ADSL.

Not only was the shelf a tight fit, someone dumped a bigger shelf in the room and we had to really squeeze ourselves in

Its 1930 and eveyone was working like mad to catch up with their schedules

Because we had less than 19 days to do this

They can't get CAT 6E cables so they settled for CAT6 instead
They're really planning for the future

System Installation @ Menara IMC II

Today is the second day where we're going to terminate all the cables, make sure the door relay controls are OK and program the PABX. And we're ahead of schedule by one day. Woo-hoo! So, tomorrow, is the hand-over, which I hope nothing goes wrong.

The workers went for their dinner and the whole office is empty...

Save for one poor fella who has to keep an eye on things

I love these panels (fore) which gives you the powerpoints, network and voice
If you don't want to use it, you can close it by rolling it over (back)

Some last minute cabling.......

Most of the floors and walls were covered with steel plates
I am not sure as to why.........

But the LAN cables they're using are CAT 6 specification

This device makes sure everyone keeps to their schedule or their fingers gets it. Ha ha ha ha
This is supposedly my 1000th picture (I could be wrong)

Out PABX is up at last, just minor cleaning up tomorrow

Fat Guy on a bike II

I do not know why I like to take photos like these............

If he turns around, I am going to be in deep trouble

The new route to Kepong

OK, its not a new route but they have replaced the wonderful curve with a small molehill this morning

Unfortunately, if you're going to KL, you cannot have fun