Found my Judge Dredd Lawgiver

Since my customer was nearby, I decided to go back to KK to look for the black foam tape. Yeah, its times like this that I need to do things that needs to be done. Not only that, after the trip, I also did some reflection whether most of my friends who married and separated, did affect me or not. But most of them seem to be much stronger. I just hate it when they are being used and dumped when things get more serious. Both so far have kids and the father usually have nothing to do with them.

And right now, I am still not satisfied about the RM10,000 salary someone told me. I told my Wife and she was not too happy at all. I am afraid that she could be used as well.

Although I did not find the black tape, I did find my Judge Dredd Lawgiver. OK, so its not the real Lawgiver but the Playstation version. Long ago, I gutted most of the cables out, located the circuit which when I press the button, the 5 LEDs would light up in sequence, just like in the movie. But now, all the screws are gone and I cannot remember where I put them. Oh dear.

Here, Kaelynn was going around with it, and
saying "Pew, pew, pew". I kid you not

Mommy was not happy because she prefers her to be
a nice little girl and all.

Still, for me, if they like to play whatever they want,
they are welcome to do so but not so much as to
break things, especailly my things. Still, this is a
nice gun for me to develop the lights and sound
eventhough someone already has done it.

We're doing the doing it

Well, what can I say? One frantic call from a customer and I am headed to Kuantan so early in the morning. Boss just said, "Go, don't stop at the office. Just go.". One thing I can say about anger is that, no matter how hard you try to repair the damage, its almost impossible. And so, when I reached there, the customer tried to do this and I knew the whole story after talking to the staff there before approaching him. Just a case of mismanaged anger due to stress of some big shot coming over.

Anyway, what's done is done and I just try to be as professional as possible and ended up with everyone being happy. Of course, I could have him eating out of my hands since he was already willing but let's face it, you cannot ever do this because in the long run, Karma is keeping tabs. Not only that, I do not like it as well.

One thins about the DUKE Highway is that on the route
to Kuantan, you will have to pass by some electricity
pylons which sort of literally grew in between. Weird

I was taken aback when I saw this. Whoever did
this was smart and very imaginative.

He used some form of copper piping to create a
makeshift pillar for the long screws to secure it

Seemed like they do not want to wast cables too much.
But bear in mind, the cables were pulled into that hole
years ago. This white cable was recent. He could have
cut the extra but he did not. So I told the customer its
bad because when the cleaners come, the water would
seep into the hole, make everything wet and destroy
the cables altogether.

Before I knew it, he personally taped the whole thing!
Wow. You won't see a much dedicated Boss doing this
personally! Respect!

And so, after my Kuantan trip, I rushed back to KL
to overseer a system relocation. This time, we are
to relocated the phone system for them to use for
a few weeks until their new IP Phones are in. The
customer was planning so much for the new phones,
he did not anticipate the problems since he did not
call us beforehand. But for today, we just mount the
system as instructed.

Houston, we have a problem