& Gathering

So, it was with great effort, I managed to fulfill yet another social outing. The gathering was held at Little Penang Cafe for dinner, and then adjourn to Cathay CineLeisure for further activities. This is one of those gathering which I enjoyed the most as we all have the same interest: Sci-Fi.

This is also a time where we get to catch up personally instead of in the Forums.
This is also a time where we toss ideas around to help each other out
This is also a time for some TWO fellas to announce their plans which is -CENSORED-
This is also the time to -CENSORED-

Ha ha ha ha! I guess you had to be there to know the secrets. But in the end, we did not go for any movies since the discussion was so engaging. (Also, my curfew was cut short. Ha ha ha)

But there is another thing which I realised. I am participating in more than one Forum and its time to make a decision. I will now decrease my posting activity to Yeah, you heard it first here. Let the others catch up with me and more on. I mean, after almost 75,000 postings, it has no meaning anymore.
Align Center
Here is a small competition. Guess the correct names of each person on the
photo, their on-line nick, their IC number and also the colour of their
underwear. The first prize is a rarely washed dinner fork from my kitchen

So, tonight is 31st of May, where at Baskin Robbins, you get 31% discount
You also get to wait behind 31 people queuing up 31 minutes before you

Then I realised, tonight was some Chinese Festival, which I forgot and everyone prayed except me. Oh-Oh.

Outside Phileo I

Its 930. Where is the customer?
I am at the Ground Floor.

Wow. Busy road in front of me.

My head turns
A black Honda/Camry/car braked for 12 metres

Why is he breaking?
Oh no! A bike!
An accident! Where is my camera!
In the basement carpark

OMG! A black round something rolled away from the car!
Then the car reversed 2metres, something raised up
Two legs forming a V-shape against the plastic orange divider
I can't take this
Too long to take my camera

OMG! OMG! OMG! He is dead!
More cars stopping
This is not what I want to shoot pictures at

What is this?
A man helping another to rest on the roadside!

The guard near the Ticket booth ran down
He came back up
He is not so sad

The motoryclist is alive
But his face is gone, he said
The Black car driver took him to hospital

The wrecked motorcycle is laid on the side
Useless and expensive to repair

Then my customer arrives
Life goes on

One Sunday at The Store

OK, she enjoyed TWO cups of free Ribena, ate some sample Ice Creams
while we're running here and there for stuff
Yeah, her first tantrum as well

Trip to Lumut Day Two

On our way back, I took this shot of a restaurant
Last night was too dark to take a proper photo

Restoran Kunta Kinte which opens 25 Hours
But I can tell you, there are no slaves here

It was hot, so, I just took this pass-by shot since those monkeys
were in the way

Trip to Lumut Day One

So, we're going to Lumut for some service calls. The route we took was from Bidor towards Teluk Intan because the proposed new highway was still, er, being proposed.

And throughout the journey it was hot and sweaty. And I really have to say this. A car without Air-Con is really torturing. And I can tell you, that at the end of the journey, I can squeeze my shirt to see how much sweat it soaked up.

It gets hot when you're in the car.
It gets hot when Mr. Sun is up
It gets hot when you close the window during high speed
It gets hot when you open the window during low speed
It gets hot when its raining
It get hot when its hot
It just gets hot

This is my towel for wiping the condensation off the windscreen
Its raining but we can't open the window

I've been waiting for years for this shot
(OK< it did not turn out well as they ppl in there was watching me)

Yep, you guessed it!

We stayed at the Dindings Pantai Desair Apartment which charged RM45 for two
One apartment has three rooms, A, B and C
Since we got Room A, Rooms B and C are locked

Room C is near the lounge. On the right is the kitchen,
equipped with a working fridge and standard kitchen sink

We had a nice TV and a VCD player, which by coincidence,
are also working

Our beds

Somethings are ready for us to screw about

Just in case the room's Air-Con is not cold enough,
there is a Strong-Man mode

The view outside the balcony is quite nice, with a cute rainbow
which tried to evade my camera

Even when its low-tide in the morning but there were no bodies floating about

This is the view of the Lumut Street
Its 'boring now" but once pay-day or weekend comes.....

Gecko on my Screen

Gecko, Gecko on my screen
What are you doing here?

Gecko, Gecko on my screen
Where is your tail, Dear?

Gecko, Gecko still on my screen
I can flick you with my Wiper

But I am not that mean
I'm just a curious fella

Good Morning to you,
And get out of here!

Hair on my back

Wife: Dear, you have some hair on your back
Me: Really?
Wife: Yes, and they easily come off
Me: Sure or not?
Wife: *pick* Shows me some thin 6mm hair
Me: Wow. And I never felt a thing
Wife: Want me to pull some?
Me: OK

Me: Here. Use this cellophane tape like we see on those wax stripping shows
Wife: OK

*paste cellophane tape on my back*

and then *rrrrrriiiippppp!*

Wife & I: Wow
Me: Oh, look! Here is a stronger tape. Let's try this one



Kristine's Fall

I came home only to find Bad News waiting for me.

Kristine was running (very fast) around outside the house and she fell.

On her face.

I was quite angry because I was not there to prevent her from falling.

But I had to accept the fact that sometimes, as a parent, I can never always be at her side.

You can see the scars on her forehead, nose, upper lip and chin
(This picture, she looked more like tortured prisoner)

After Grandma rushed out and bought her some cream,
Kristine was happy and up to her usual self again

Funny Photo

Sometimes, there are things you want to take photos of.
And then you cannot explain why

The Bomba Drink

I was at Sg. Buloh's ProJET today and caught this interesting bottle.

It was made to look like a grenade.
It is called the Bomba drink.
Its an Energy drink.
It tasted almost like Livita.
It cost me RM3.50
Its website got naked lady.

The bottle is quite nice.
You then paint it black.......

Bomba in Malay means Fire Brigade

Once you pull the ring, the aluminium cover
tears open and you cannot close it back anymore

Not reccommended for children, diabetics and persons
sensitive to caffeine. Best served chilled

Kristine's First Major Haircut

So, this time around, when they wanted to cut her hair, I was present. OK, I am getting personaly about it. But then again, she IS my daughter. So today, my Wife wanted to cut her hair short as she was always sweating. The recent rise in temperatures did not help much either. I had to hold her head still or distract her since the scissors were very sharp indeed.

Kristine patiently waiting for her haircut

Kristine is still waiting patiently for her haircut
(while Mommy & Daddy discusses how to hold the scissors)

OK, the back part are starting to come off

Hold still!

Erm, what do you mean the hair is not level?

Kristine with her new haircut after her bath

Defend Your Castle Part II

Dang! I'm still at it!
Just run it in the background and do my other stuff.
Ha ha ha ha

The Japan GT Roadshow Opening Ceremony

By 930, the drums have arrived

And the teams from The Japan Club are getting ready

Candid shot

Once the MC has introduced the team,
the Japanese Drums, Wadaiko starts

Man, this guy is good!

The crowd quickly arrived

In exactly 10 minutes, the show was over
Yeah, he was expecting more

The Japan GT Roadshow Beauties

Nowadays, no shows are complete without beautiful women. Afterall, they are the main attractions. I even heard that during the last PC Expo, there were a lot of girls as well. But since I am married, the only girls for me are my Wife and Kristine.

Anyway, the Three Japan GT Queens were due to arrive but since there were no announcement of their arrivel time, it was already time for me to go home, GT Queen or no GT Queen.

Straightaway, you will notice her, even in the crowd

And once they arrive, they are already hard at work

And they made sure you know about The Japan GT

All in all, there are six of them and they were kind
enough to pose for my camera

Yes, I could not wait anymore, as I have
other things to do. Heh