Why I hate driving in the rain

When its raining, I hate to be behind the wheels of my Satria nowadays. Its not because I do not like my car but its because of the possible dangers on the road. For you see, the car's air-con is not working anymore. And because of the sudden change of temperature and the trapped "air" inside the car, mists can fog up the windows within minutes.

And so, I'd be driving blind, and I would have to clean the front windshield and side windows every few minutes. Yeah, its time to get the air-con fixed (as soon as my salary comes in, that is).

As the car aged, so did the plastics. Here, it started off
with a small
crack and as the plastic became brittle, it
progressed into bigger
cracks and eventually..........

To buy a new one, it costs RM35 for this. Maybe I should
be taking a trip down to the second-hand spare parts
shops soon. Since Proton cars are so "cheep", I hope
I would not be scalped. No point investing more into
this car as its resale value is so bad now.