My Girlfriend and I are splitting up...

Well, it had to happen one day. So, I am preparing her for the new owner, taking my own time to clear things out. Its very sad and sentimental day for me, but it has to be done. I was my first car and we have been through a lot together, from accidents to rescuing friends to well, meeting new people. And so, now is the time for me to say goodbye...

So, lets have a last look at her. Its amazing
that despite all these years, the excellent
blue paint is still good (on non-rusted areas)

And this is the view I always get when I am inside
the Bengmobile. The meters would all be running
and responding to the throttle.

This much in 13 years speaks a lot on how tough it
was. As an Engineer servicing the
customers in all
over Malaysia, she has
really gone nearly all the
States in Malaysia
except Perlis, Sabah & Sarawak.

I loved the Bass from this Sony and so, I will
keep her as the new owner will just throw it

Some leftovers from the Bengmobile. Yes, there
are some RM1.00 coins and 1 sen coins, which
by now, is obsolete and cannot be used to buy stuff.

How to eat Socially

Erm I don't even know where to start...