Return to Kuantan

I have to go back to Kuantan. Again. Or, should I say, we. Yeah, my Boss and I, to be exact. This was because the customer complained that one of their lines were not "ringing" and also, there is cross-talk on the other line. Tough tushy, I replied. But no, Boss wouldn't have any of it and so, although its the customer's fault for not checking before I go off, it is still our responsiblity to rectify the fault. At the same time, I suspect he needed the drive since everyone was so tense these past few weeks due to work, no work, light work, heavy work and so on.

We left about 10 to eleven and arrived about half-past one. For a 250KM drive, this was fast. Very, very fast. Anyway, we decided to have lunch first before setting into the customer's premises. And after that, while I was refcifying the lines and all, my Boss would start to survey around the place so as to get a more accurate quote for the Earthing job.

This was the Haze on the way to the Karak
Highway. But once we pass this area, its
not so bad. Still, I was worried about every
one in KL.

The wiring, I found out, was quite shoddy. When I
was there last week, I did not check much. But this
time, after removing a lot of debris, I finally saw
how bad it was. Still, work is work.

These new metal slabs weren't here last week but
its here now. Those on the left were older ones as
you can see they have turned brwon from rust.
But the new ones on the right as bluish. And they
are hot. Just by walking past, you ca feel the heat
as they have come out from the furnace hours ago.

You can see the heat rising between the slabs. Unfortunately,
when I was taking this picture, a gust of wind blew in front of
me and I felt the full force of the heat. Ouch.

Coming back to the connecition modules, this time, I
reconditioned them as the contactswere black from
exposure. You can do this by scraping the black
stuff away to reveal the shiny copper or just cut the
black protective sheath off to get at them.

Also, this time I am not taking chances and so, sealed the
whole box with electrical tape, making sure no water can
go in. Those black stuff you see in the picture above were
caused by water seeping in. How, I am not sure. But then
putting this on a fence and right at the edge where it is
open to the environement is proof enough.

As I was tracing the cables from Telekom rise back
to the system, and along the drain, I saw this. Wires
coming out from the water piping ........WTF.

Once the lines are cleared up, the customer complained about
the noice on the lines. Then I noticed the lights start to dim
every few seconds and when I looked at the voltage stabiliser,
the needle was moving. And no need to guess what happened.
It seems that the phone cables were laid together with the
power cables somewhere. And when the factory uses the
machinery, it sucks the power from the mains. This causes
some disturbance which the phone line picked it up. And yeah,
since I cleaned the cable contacts, the line is perfectly crystal
clear and that's when the customer noticed these noise. Then
again, maybe I should have left the lines alone......

In the meantime, my Boss was doing the survey. We agreed
not to use the football field to plant Earthing rods as there
were some drainage holes to drain out excess water when it
rains. This would mean bad Earthing readout

And so, I will not have the fun of
going into that wet and slimy

By the time we're finished, and after walking the
field with my Boss, my legs were getting itchy.....

The Hyundai got its goatee removed after it removed
a metal box covering some cables underneath. The
box went six feet out of camera range but maybe you
can see the scratch marks.

This lorry was still here by the time we drove back. On
our was this morning, the accident happened about, I
think, at around 9AM? So the authorities closed one
lane while they wait for rescue vehicles to arrive.

On the way back, we got some lemang
(glutinous rice cooked in bamboo) which
are our favourites apart from the Teluk
Intan Chee Cheong Fun

Boss: Get rid of the evidence and kill any witnesses.
Me: So, you witnessed me getting rid of it.........
(Ha ha ha! If only..... If only.......)