Ants in my car II

Well, they are it again.

You know, when you're in a Cruise, you would always like to go to the top of the ship for the fresh air and the smell of seagull farts. This is very different from travelling in an aeroplane where the Captain tells you to be quiet and sit down by switching on the seat-belt sign. In a ship, you're free to go anywhere, so long as you do not go overboard (physically and literally). Anyway, the moment you have finished opening your luggage and spilling everything all over place, you'd be rushing off to the top deck. Well, if you're not, your friends or some obscene human being who unfortunately happens to be your relative would be having a Tug-o-War with you and the ship.

So, while you're all up there, you'd be enjoying the view of miles and miles of water all around you. Its almost the same as being in a swimming pool except that no one farts in the water. So, once you're up there, the next thing that would be forming inside your brain would be, apart from your body's enthusiastic reflex of donating (throwing) your last meal (and your Cadburys) to the Sea, would be to get more food. What better else to enjoy the Sun and Sea with more even more food.

So, here I am, driving at 60kmh in Sungai Buloh when I noticed two ants running around inside the dashboard. (They're imagining its a ship) Well, there is nothing much I can do at this point except to look at them. OK, there is a transparent platic between them and me and they know this. I'll bet they're gesturing their mandibles in an obscene manner at me.

A few minutes later, four more ants decided to join in the fun. And there you have, six ants running about in the dashboard, without a care in the World. Like the Cruise ship, once they have settled in, they decided to have a picnic. Yes, they decided to bring a dead bug into the dashboard through the Odometer counter. For the next few minutes, they're trying to decide which way to go and also, who is going to win the Tug-o-War.

I know this is distracting because looking at the dashboard while driving is dangerous. Its the same as trying to stop your passengers from winding down the window during the rain when you farted. Very dangerous indeed. So, the only way to get rid of them would be to use the Speedometer's needle to swipe them off.

I had to wait at the road side for the ants to go into position. Once they're at the 50kmh area, I pressed on the go-go juice and see the needle swing.

Rats. They scuttered into the 200kmh region. There is no way I can swing the needle that far due to the fact that it would take me ages to reach it since its a 1.6 and also, this happens to be a 60kmh (Or 100kmh to others) stretch. I can still imagine them doing obscene gestures with their mandibles at me.

Later, I think they got bored because there is only one ant left on the dashboard who is pulling the dead bug and fighting gravity at the same time. Oh, here's another ant going frantically around, looking for his friend. I think they're trying to find each other:

Ant #1: Ernie! Where are you?!
Ant #2: emmrg morgh mhrrgh
Ant #1: What? I can't hear you?
Ant #2: Ismmgf mmeght mmmmg mgggg!!!!
Ant #1: What? I still can't hear you!
Ant #2: I sai.... ah f@*&!!!!(The dead bug fell off)
Ant #1: Oh, there you are. You're only 30 feet away (Ant scale, that is)