Star Wreck: The Pirkinning

I just scanned the Star's In-Tech today (Actually, we were trapped in the rain while drinking at the local mamak's) and saw this article about a fan made Star Trek Parody. OK, I am having a Star Trek withdrawal since the Enterprise series ended, and there is no other Star Trek series in production.

Here is the link and I am downloading it now. Yes, its free and it took them seven years to do this. The file is DIVX encoded, and its in Finnish but with English subtitle.

The Website looks impressive and I will update once I get the chance to view it.


It started something like this:

MS: Wei, how's your daughter? When's her first birthday?
ME: Well its quite soon, really
MS: Oh, good! Then you can do a birthday bash!
ME: Er, well...
MS: Yeah! I can bring my kids over to play with Kristine!
ME: I... don't have the budget
MD: Never mind! You can have it in your house!
ME: No, really I don't have the budget and Wifey...
MS: Never mind! We can do a pot luck!

This was getting way too pushy until I have to put my foot down and then:

MS: OK, OK! Never mind, no need all those trouble. I'll just visit you then!

Oh, God! Some people just can't take no for an answer. But then again, I feel sorry for her too. Being lonely and with two kids to support, with friends decentralised, sometimes it can really get to you. But that's still not the problem.

I know Kristine is going to have her first Birthday, whether she realise it or not. But the question is how, and where. But most importantly, how much? Looking back, in just less than a year, Kristine has grown from the size of a small salami to a little monster.

I want her to have a good celebration, (never mind if she does not remember it) with more than just family members. Or even the In-Laws. Or even friends

The problem is, where and how, not forgetting, how much as well. My Wife wants to have a quiet one instead. So many things to think of, not forgetting who to get a video-cam from as well.

A perfect place would be my house but needs a lot of cleaning up. Then, there is the Burger King/Mac Donalds which offers such facilities (but at what cost?) and the problem of inviting the "right" person. I mean, some teenagers would prefer not be seen dead at Mac Donalds for a baby's birthday. And even if booked a place in a restaurant, its going to be pretty expensive as well.

And at that time of the year, I am also trying to save up (unsuccessfully) for a trip to Singapore with Wifey. And what to get for Kristine's first Birthday present. So, its still a headache for me.

Yeah, and its all about money at the end of the day.

YS Khong

Just dropped by today and found a few things worth noting.

My car was giving weird noises once the car reaches 2400 rpm and above a week after my Oil change. It sounded like some well oiled chains moving about, or water running. Its very loud when your travel in a narrow place where the sound is reflected back to you. And then, there is the occasional whine, which I cannot isolate but suspect the alternator. Maybe I am still not used to the absence of the ECU Management Unit but the feels quite sluggish again.

Anyway, Saiful is no longer working there since a few weeks ago, as he has gone to Sunday at L*** Motorsports. Now its manned by a very shy and softspoken Malay chap (I forgot to ask his name) and Xarrax (Don't ask). They're setting up a new sport line soon and we'll be able to see more things happening.

As for my car? I am not sure how to slove this.

Involuntary Manslaughter

Taking the Life of another living being is sometimes very easy. At most times, it is also very difficult. But most of the time, its complicated. If there is a man in front of you, you would not think about killing him unless you were provoked, like him stealing your KFC O.R. Burger or something like that. Sometimes, with enough emotion/rage, you would not hesitate, especially when he breaks your 100,000 pieces Jigsaw Puzzle of a white wall. But after the deed is done, the complications sets in. For example, where to hide to body or even dispose of it?

You have heard of stories about wives who killed their husbands and then use the meat for curries and so on. But I mean, if you were to cut him up, it would take ages to cut up a fatso. And if you were to bag him and throw him in the river, who is going to pay for the petrol and also the Doctor's bill for your soreback and hernia? Leaving him on the spot is also another problem because fatso might be blocking your only means of escape or he is holding your hands/butt/leg/neck in his death grip.

Therefore, a lot of people actually do hesitate in killing another person unless they cannot control themselves. But what about animals? Insects? Electrons?

Switch off the light and you piss off a few thousand electrons
Switch on the light and you kill them instantly
Use Ridsect and there goes the Aedes Mosquito (and also the lice in your underwear)
Drive at 100kmh at night and you kill a cow (plus your car)

Sometimes, it cannot be helped and sometimes, you do it by reflex.

I have seen a goody-two shoes, who was talking to me honestly about their lives, etc. and without even batting an eyelid, squashed a few ants in front of us. I mean, the ant was innocently walking around (apparently losing their GPS) and here comes Death in the form of a pinkie.

Then this morning, I saw a young crockroach running around on my car's windscreen and by reflex, I flicked on the wipers. The poor guy never stood a chance against the might of the rubber. After watching it, guilt sets in and I felt miserable for being such a crud.