Trip to Kota Bahru Day One

This is one of those times where things (usually) does not go as planned. The original trip was to drive up to Kota Bahru, supervise the installation of a PABX system and then drive back down. The trip would take me four days; one to drive up, one to set up the system, one to terminate all the cabling and then one to drive back down. Yeah, right.

What a drive! I took off from KL at 1230 in the afternoon and I arrived at about 2330 at night. The whole afternoon saw me travelling to Kuantan before reaching Terengganu in the evening. From there on, my journey slowed down at the coastal roads due to the lorries and long rows of cars which was impossible for me to overtake since I am already tired (and hungry). Luckily my Hotel booking is still valid as they did call me while I was on the road to confirm my room.

After nearly 12 hours on the road, I find that I have difficulty getting to sleep..... maybe I was too tired.

Woohaa! I finally opened the Battlestar Galactica DVD
And I am impressed with the packaging. Unfortunately
I forgot to pack it with me for the trip so, I had to rely
on the Hotel's Channels for, entertainment.
Not bad though, as they have Discovery, normal Thai,
local crap and even Uncle Ho's Pick of the Week

It was almost in the late evening when I caught
unique rock formation on the way to Terengganu

Whoa! First time I see a three headed shower!
See all those knobs? You have to stand behind
the wall while you test each know one by one.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Although they came from the same pipe, once you
adjust the proper pressure for all three shower heads
the effect is quite nice.


Leaving. Sounded as if Ammonium Bicarbonate help leaves stuff out of this box of biscuits. But in actual fact, it is a harmful chemical.

And we put them into the food

And I have a lot of time this morning to think about nonsence stuff