Bye-bye fishie

Sigh. Another fish has gone bye-bye. Sigh. The funny thing was, it was alright on the night before and I did not give much thought about it except that I will change their water when I come back from work the next evening.

And then, when that evening came, I was a bit sad the condition has deteriorated into this. The only mystery is that the water has turned brownish, almost like that of a Chrysanthemum Tea. And this was Kaelynn's fish. All the while, no one fed them except me and Kristine kept saying that fish should be take care of this way and that, expecting someone else to care for it.

One day, when i am not in a good mood, I will talk to her about responsibility, with a cane, of course.

Theory: Maybe we put them side by side, one of them
kept being taunted and 'vomit blood' or committed
aquaside or fishicide.

And its not a pretty sight. And so, I left it there,
for the night as I had no mood for this and in the
next morning, it was gone.

[Update: 12.06.2010]
The fish, and the tank was left behind the kitchen and yes, its still dead. The only difference is that the water has gotten darker. By the time I threw it away, all the fragile fins and all were floating about and the body jut shrunk. Eeewww.....