Uncle Ho's Customer Loyalty Programme

Hey, brother!,

Wei, hoh boh? So, you not happy, ha? Haih, who not happy?
Petrol price go up. Even my kuey-teow also go up. Everything go up.
All my mah-chais complain also la.
How to deliver stock when petrol price go up?

Tell them to use motobike, they also dun want. Look more like Pizza Hut people onli, they say.
When Police chase-chase ha, they use legs also can catch. But never mind la. Tat one not your problem.

So, my good-good tai-lou Boss, Unker Ho, like everyone be happi-happi onli. So, you know what he do, ah? You dem kau right, man. He say, hor, "Everyone sad, why not watch DVD? After watch-watch, sure feel good-good one".

So, I am the UH Customer Service Boss, give special promotion to you. We start Customer Loyalty Plogram, OK? You buy from us, we gip you Loyalty card. One DVD, one chop or sign la. When card full, we gip you one free DVD.

Good, hor?

Not everyone can get this card one. So, we gip onli you, our spesial customer.

But don't gip those bast.... er, competitors to chop-chop the card la. They dem kau chop your card with knife one and maybe your head too.

So, you waiting for what? Come quick-cuick la. Nyamuk also sleep alreadi ler.

Yours sincerely,

Ham K. Chan
UH Customer Service Division

The tenth one is free! But its maybe DTS version, OK?

Today, the Bed. Tomorrow, the World!!!

Ha ha ha! I can climb up to the bed now!

I didn't know Daddy loves black spaghetti

Ooops. You caught me with one of Daddy's figures

I am trying to look for something here.........

OK, I can't find it. Goodbye now, I have to go out and kacau everyone

Our 48th year of Independence

Malaysia gained its Independence from the British on 31st of August, 1957.


When I was young, it meant a lot to me because I believed that we, as Malaysians can finally be free and stand on our own two feet. I believed that with our own hard efforts and Metropolitan citizens, can finally be recognised as SOMEBODY in the World.

Fast forward 18 years later, I realised how wrong I was.

- As long as you are not one of them, you're still second-class Citizen, not among the Price of the Earth as promised by the late Tunku.
- Independence Day is just another excuse for people to sell flags and have big fireworks (even though its banned).
- Independence Day is also another excuse for Mega Sales and people to go jamming at shopping complexes
- Indepenced Day is also a time for creative houses to make tear-jerking patriotic advertisements
- Independence Day is just a Holiday to commemorate a successful petition against the British to tell them to get lost after they have helped in building the Nation and also keeping the Communists at bay
- Its also a day for me to sleep in late

Then when I got the chance to read the papers, I had a shock. Our so-called National Anthem is nothing more than either a Hawaiian Song (Mamula Moon) or some French Melody. Its origins is still unclear. Only that the lyrics were written into it by our own people.

So, its nothing more than a re-badged song. Sounds very familiar like our local Proton and Perodua cars.

No wonder we are Malaysians are nothing more than just copying and improving other people's work. We have no originality nor the brains to do R&D.

What the Fuck.

So, don't talk to me about Patriotism and what I can do for my Country. A country where cycling Japanese troops just took over within weeks and sank some Bristish Warships that were aiming the wrong way in the process.

Anyway, here are the sources:

Office Renovation V

The platform is in and already the guys are moving their stuff upstairs. This would make the whole "floor" bigger and we can store more stuff. Also, in a few day's time, I would have my own Office space, but there would be air-con, though. Still, the most important thing would be the Internet connection. Ha ha ha ha ha

This is the platform, which we can do public hanging of customers who do not want to spend us KFC

This is the ladder which access to the platform

System Re-Installation at TPM Pt. III

Today was the second and last day for the job and while working, I heard a lot of excited arguments between the contractors because of last minute structural changes. This would mean all the perfectly laid cables (Network, Voice and Power) in the ground would have to be torn and relaid again. Because the carpets have already been placed, the only solution would be to install trunking on the walls which would be quite unsightly when compared to the Office design. Yeah, as usual, we left at 2200 as it is much easier to work after office hours without people bombarding you with questions and "ordering" you around.

I am quite alright with it because I am used to ignoring people and giving htem the funny look. The real danger in following customer's requests is that you are overriding the PIC's (Person in Charge) instructions or planing and this is not a good thing, expecially when some requests involves costs or conflicts with their office process.

OK, the system is fully wired up and remaining extensions are completed

The Network guys have moved in more of their stuff too

The Office is completed and unfortunately, the were some last minute changes
Such as tearing down some partition walls
So, we will have to comeback again for reprogramming and new cabling.
This will make the wall and system cabling messy

Office Renovation IV

Coming into the office today, I was told that the platform guys would be in to install and erect the platform at the back of the office. This means I would have my own office soon.

They have been clearing the stuff since this morning and the platform guys are going to install the beams in the afternoon.

This is the before picture


After treating my in-Laws to a dinner they decided to go shop for some groceries. Since I had nothing to do, I decided to look for alternatives to Neslo. The first option was to buy a Milo 3-in-1 or a Cadbury's Chocolate 3-in-1, and then mix with Nescafe 3-in-1. But then, all the sugar from the two pack might either kill me or make me hyperactive and start to make stupid corny jokes. Then my Wife might kill me. Either way, I would still die.

So, the next choice was to get a bottle of Cadbury's Hot Chocolate and a bottle of Nescafe. But then there is the problem with price.

When I was about to leave, I saw this nicely decorated pack called Chococino, "The true Italian Cafe Instantly" made from some place up North in Alor Star. When I looked up their website, I was not happy because of their "Injoy" logo which uses the same font as another brand. (More on this later). And as far as local websites are concerned, it has a lot of nice flashy stuff but no contents. Just look at their products page which has no photographs of their products.(So that I would know which packs to avoid/buy in the future. Ha ha). Perhaps, methinks, they have spent all their budget on the Flash Intro which showed the products too fast and I had to replay it over and over again.

Anyway, since it was put between those foreign weird coffee powders and the local ones, I decided to have a further look. So, its time to give the local boys a try. This also means, it might be a Neslo replacement!

So, after getting home, I decided to make a cup. What came out of the packet did not smell nice at all. The ingredients lists sugar, non dairy creamer, dried skimmed milk, cocoa, chocolate, malt extract, lecithin and stabilizer. (Stabilizer? What the heck...?) And I can't find anything that said coffee. Then again, I was still thinking about Cadbury's Chocolate's and Nescafe's sweet aroma.

And I can tell you this. The drink tasted more like cocoa with some weird stuff in it than Neslo. Perhaps I was better off with the Nescafe/Cadburys mixture. Maybe when my pay is in, I'll get the Cadburys and then one of those foreign funky coffee powder like from Blue Mountain or something.
(No, its definitely not Blue Nun which is a whoo-hoo drink)

Oh well, there are still 11 packs left. Anyone want some?

The RM9.99 Neslo Ha ha ha ha ha

[update: 31.08.2005: 0220]

Yes, its Merdeka and I can't sleep. So, I used two packets of Chococino and one Coffee21. Now its tastes better. Too bad I don't have Kahlua. Still, I can feel my heart beating faster.............

Teddy in the Car

I got my Teddy! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Haaaaaaaaaa ah aha ha ha hahahahahaha ha a


Kristine hits Malaysia

Everytime in the news, when you have reports of a Hurricane, Typhoon or some other natural disasters hitting a place, they would be given female names. So, here is the natural Little Monster, Kristine after her usual morning jaunt in the living room.

The trail of destruction left by the Little Monster

Lost in TPM

[This was supposed to be on 27.08.2005 2350]

It was about close to three in the afternoon that I cannot stave my hunger anymore. These days, its getting harder to keep on working without taking any Lunch (Well, it would save me time and of course, money too). So, like it or not, I had to take some time off from the job to look for food.

One thing about TPM is that everything stops in the weekend. There are no canteens for you too. Even the basement car park is closed to Visitors (and I had to call the gaurds to raise the barrier as I cannot reverse the car). Being a stupid bovine, they have no brains when it comes to putting up a sign telling Visitors that the basement carpark is closed.

And coming out from the stupid building is another adventure altogether. Although the building is round, and every entrance has a nice metallic map, there is no indication where the fucking exit is. They just put a red dot to say "You are here".

Halfway looking for the entrance, I stumbled into this automated water purifying station.
It cannot be a hydroponic farm because the plants on the left are not really growing well.

The station is so large, it stretches from one floor to another

There are some strange organisms to help in cleaning up the water

Funnily enough, they have been given names such as Misai Kucing (Cat's Whiskers)

After another 20 minutes, I came across this flooded garden

Someone must have drank a lot of beer as the plants are really flourishing

Even the fishes there are not Visitor friendly

They use water brooms to sweep the water area clean

But I doubt it can reach that far

After wasting more time, I finally got out of the deathtrap only to be tripped (nearly) by a mineral bottle on the ground

My reward for surviving TPM? Top Choc!

System Re-Installation at TPM Pt. IIB

[This was supposed to be on 27.08.2005 12 2348]

Today was supposed to be an easy job for us since we had already mounted the system last night. All we had to do is to trace the cables, activate it and do some minor programming. Yeah, right. SIMPLE is not a nice word because the job took us 13 hours and its still not even finished.

Because I was standing (in a single pose) the whole day, my back is sore and I don't think I can go back on Sunday to continue (This is also to make sure I do not get killed by my Wife for spoiling our Sunday plans). Yep, there would be Hell on Monday as we're having a few tight appointments to fulfill before coming over. Ha ha ha ha.

We arrived about 930 in the morning and began with the cabling connections

This is the before photo and I cannot show you the "after" as we stuffed a lot of other cables in there
(In case the cabling man might have Internet connections)

Just tight after lunch, seeing we're all sweating in the Server room, the customer made sure the air-con man installs the first air-con there, just for us. Yippee!

By now, the partitions are slowly coming in. So my guy had to re-trace the cables AFTER they wired in the panels because they did not follow the floorplan. Yeah, double-job for us.

The cable guy is stuffing a lot of Network and Voice cables into the partition frame, to be wired into the partition panels

Here is a closer look at the panels.
It contains (left to right) a power point, a blank panel for future use, a phone socket and a Network socket
Once this is done, the would look very neat (on the outside, that is)

An hour later, more partitions start to arrive and my guy had to re-trace the cables again. We had to stop work, wait for them to finish before we can continue.
Someone brought a speaker system and played those iritating hi-speed chinaman fengtau songs. I felt as if we're working next to a Disco. Yeah, psychologically,we did work faster, zombie-like.

We're bumping into each other (Network guys) all the time and smelling all those sweating bodies in that room and all over the place
The air-con guy is still fixing the air-con. I think we got conned by the air-con

By 1030PM, I am tired, and so is everyone.
My guy has left at 830PM so I had to go on by myself.

When I left 20 minutes later, the fucking air-con is ready.
Now all the partitions are in and no one
(me, that is) is going to re-trace the cabling this late as there is only so much madness I can endure. Everyone is slowly disappearing as well. And I really want my Dinner (and Lunch, if I can)

System Re-Installation at TPM Pt. IIA

Goddamit! Just came back from TPM and after 13 hours on my feet, sustained with only a bottle of mineral water, ice cream and two cream buns,I have no mood to blog about it tonight. My hand and feet are sore after trying to kick down the stupid door which locks at night. Every door I went to, was locked. And I was going around literally in circles floor to floor.

I would like to meet the fucking idiot who designed this goddam place and stuff some durians up his arse.

System Re-Installation at TPM Pt. I

So, after braving the jam for an hour or so, we reached TPM and it was quite dark. I am not sure about the basement (car park) floors as they looked shiny and oily. Car nearly skidded there, even though the guard informed me that its not oil and the basement is especially wet all day. (Yeah, it was raining so, the water must have washed the other car's engine oil all over the place)

Curses! Someone has put in the rack already

As you can see, the rack cannot be moved (cables underneath)
and we're having to squeeze ourselves

After the drilling, the mounting frame goes in

Then the cabinets

Halfway, I felt a small sting in my fingers.
Dunno when I got it and when I washed the blood away, I could not find the wound

At 2000 the cable guy is still there

And tomorrow, they would start with the partitions and the cable guy better work fast

When we left at 2030, the customer is still busy marking the floorplan for us

System Dismantle @ Mah Sing Menara

This is the PABX we're going to dismantle and then bring it to TPM. We were only allowed to start our job after 530 in the evening once the staff has cleared thier desks.

Lots of cabling to take out and we had to separate them carefully as some of them that are connected to the system would be used back

After 90 minutes, the cabinet is bare

And this is all that is left. The Audodialers

The customer lent us their trolley to my car
(Which was full to the max we could not carry the monitor and the PC)