Kong Hee Fatt Choy!!!!

Today is the start of a new Year, where we should work hard and face difficulties head on instead of chickening out.

So, in summary:

1) We had our Tea Ceremony and Kristine got her first Ang Pow from both of us and her Grandparents
2) I got off a lot of candid shots and even got to play some PC games.
3) I realised my Sony Ericsson can play Midi files so I spent nearly the whole day looking for nice songs before being caught for not helping looking after Kristine.
4) I still cannot get the BT Earpiece to talk to the T630 once the iPaq has dialed the number from its Addres Book.
5) My Sis showed me her business plan and the products are dem nice. So, I would have to help her in getting some stuff to launch her Website

Nothing much today, except for the unbearable heat which worries me as Kristine was quite hot.