1/20 Scopedog-The Berkoff Squad

I am really not in the mood right now. With problems from work. This means crap coming for me, especially during and after CNY. To take my mood off, I decided to explore this model kit from Bandai which I got from ICW (Infinite Creation Workshop) at a very good price weeks ago.

There is another version which has metal parts but since I missed that one, I guess this is as good as it gets. Moreover, if I do get the chance to do this model, it would not be in the form of what the manual intended. This is a 1/20 scale Scopedog (ATM-09-ST) which is the Berkoff Squad version, taken from the series "The Pailsen Files'. For decades, I was not very intersted in these models since they look kind of silly, especially where the 'heads' are concerned. But the more I read, it is quite nice and sort of fits the theme of the anime well. And then after a few episodes of the Pailsen Files, I really wanted this model, which was in my hands, thanks to rayloke of ICW. Of course, being so 'late' into this Scopedog, I was informed of my missed chance when the recent Litt Tak Warehouse sales threw all these at ridiculous prices. Unfortunately, some people picked them all up but it did not 'surface' on the streets...

In a nutshell, you have to think of this armour suit as a walking tank. The pilot sits inside the chest and their heads fits right into the dome. So, when it comes to fighting, the upper torso is the main target. What I really loved about this design is how the suit 'kneels' for the pilot to climb in/out.

this is the 1/20 Scopedog from Bandai

And its a very big box.

There are a lot of parts and what I really liked was the Pilot Chiroco Curvie, which comes in two versions; standing and seating.

Here, you can see how the suit kneels (left) and there is really not enough space inside the cockpit. So, now I understand why they prefer sharp metal spikes for close combat.

I guess you can build a few versions if you want but for me, this is not important.

This is how tall it would be. If the 1/20 figure is almost 4 inches....

Man, I so really want to build this right now.

But alas, its into the to-do bin again, as work is taking a nosedive... sigh.


Yeah, why?

Why me?
Downstairs, everyone is enjoying their CNY gifts from suppliers, etc.

Next door are enjoying cakes given by friends (OK, so I got some but since I was 'working', it was on my desk for hours)

This is the WHY. Damn it. So much rejects!