Trip to Lumut Day One

So, we're going to Lumut for some service calls. The route we took was from Bidor towards Teluk Intan because the proposed new highway was still, er, being proposed.

And throughout the journey it was hot and sweaty. And I really have to say this. A car without Air-Con is really torturing. And I can tell you, that at the end of the journey, I can squeeze my shirt to see how much sweat it soaked up.

It gets hot when you're in the car.
It gets hot when Mr. Sun is up
It gets hot when you close the window during high speed
It gets hot when you open the window during low speed
It gets hot when its raining
It get hot when its hot
It just gets hot

This is my towel for wiping the condensation off the windscreen
Its raining but we can't open the window

I've been waiting for years for this shot
(OK< it did not turn out well as they ppl in there was watching me)

Yep, you guessed it!

We stayed at the Dindings Pantai Desair Apartment which charged RM45 for two
One apartment has three rooms, A, B and C
Since we got Room A, Rooms B and C are locked

Room C is near the lounge. On the right is the kitchen,
equipped with a working fridge and standard kitchen sink

We had a nice TV and a VCD player, which by coincidence,
are also working

Our beds

Somethings are ready for us to screw about

Just in case the room's Air-Con is not cold enough,
there is a Strong-Man mode

The view outside the balcony is quite nice, with a cute rainbow
which tried to evade my camera

Even when its low-tide in the morning but there were no bodies floating about

This is the view of the Lumut Street
Its 'boring now" but once pay-day or weekend comes.....

Gecko on my Screen

Gecko, Gecko on my screen
What are you doing here?

Gecko, Gecko on my screen
Where is your tail, Dear?

Gecko, Gecko still on my screen
I can flick you with my Wiper

But I am not that mean
I'm just a curious fella

Good Morning to you,
And get out of here!