My Brother went to Singapore and all I got was...

.. lots of toys, of course.

He had a lot of leave and so, from what I heard, was ordered to clear them. And so, while he was there, I told him to look out for certain stuff, such as the Microman's blank figures which was called Material Force. This is a very good base figure to start your modifications. Its like a more flexible version of the artist's mannequin.

And so, just a few minutes ago, after he came back
this was what he left on my table.

First, it was Dak Ralter, the pilot who was sitting
behind Luke Skywalker in the Snowspeeder. I
think he was also the only pilot who got squashed
by the At-Ats walkers. Unfortunately, three is no
special editions of Dak in his flattened form...

This was the closest Microman my brother could find.
Oh well, at least some of my figures will be females.

Just in case, I needed more, I told him
to get more of one of each, just in case.

And, well, another one for the road

And what's the big one in the cardboard box? It none
other than an Art Asylum TOS Comunicator. It was
sel;ing very cheap because one of the buttons do not
work and the lights are not lighting up. Well, time to
open up the toy and test my reparing skills. I just
hope its something loose or this will be my chance to
modify it. However, I do not have any inspiration
when it comes to the Original Series.

This is all well and good but this also means that I owe him big moolah. Time to round up a few friends to settle some IOUs... heh.

Trip to Mid-Valley 19022011

Once we got home from the school 'outing', Mommy got the girls cleaned up and now, it was time to go to Mid-Valley! Originally, it was to be Amcorp mall but at this hour, it could be frantic what with all the bazaar booths closing for the day and everyone trying to get out of the car park.

First thing first, and it was dinner. Kristine chose
The Chicken Rice Shop. She changed her mind at
the last minute and we all did a U-turn, away from
the Spaghetti Farm. when were seated, there was a
small crockcroach which the waiter quickly wiped
it away, hoping we did not see it but I did.

Finally, after everyone has bought their
stuff (except Mommy, whose USB drive
from Harvey Norman still did not arrive)
I rushed to Art Friend with only 15 mins
to spare before closing time. And finally,
this Krylon Fusion is mine and if I am not
mistaken, its cheaper than Ace Hardware.

This, I read from the Forums, was the only
spray paint which sticks to plastic without
any primer and will be chip resistant in a
week. Which, should be great.

I have never, ever, see such design
for a spray can nozzle. This is going
to be very exciting...

Playing at School

Mommy had a School function and so, I drove her all the way this morning. By afternoon, I was told that the function would end by 4. But when we arrived, it was pushed back to 5pm, which was the original time. And so, with about an hour to pass, we decided to explore the school...

This was the first time we have ever seen
such a nice garden and so, we did the usual
photography session...

By the time we got a few shots off, it was time
to take it one stage further...

And even further...

After that, we discovered that there are
fishes in the pond as well!

Still feeling bored, the girls came up with their
own role-playing games, which was themed,
"The Teacher and the Naughty pupil"

And then, it was a few rounds of Negaraku
mish-mash and some standing to attention

And so, that was how we passed the one hour. It was really boring because most of the classrooms were locked and there was nothing else to look at. Also, we did not dare to venture out further in case Mommy's function ended early. Still, it was a good thing for the girls to explore a school so that they are not afraid of these places which, some children were.