Stickers in me watch!

I can't remember where I get these stickers from as all I could remember was that it must be one of those R&R stops up North on one of my outstation trips. When I gave it to Kaelynn, who never had stickers before, Kristine was jealous and make a lot of noise. Although she (Kristine) gets a lot of stickers, the one I gave to Kaelynn was special because it was small, the pictures were cute and it has metal foil backing which means the stickers lasts longer (or maybe, not). Since her elder sister complained, Kaelynn gave her stickers to her without any hesitation. Such a sweet girl too. But in the end, days later, when Kristine forgot all about it, Kaelynn curi-curi took it back and played with it.

Wow. She is so smart. Smarter than her sister.

Anyway, some of the images were so cute, I decided
to help myself too. This is to remind me of Kristine &
Kaelynn when I worked late or far away.

Euwwww! When I took my watch off, I saw
the disgusting grime! This is what happens
when you wear watches 24x7. I need to get
it cleaned soon

Kaelynn stuck some on my calf...........