Write it again, Sam.

Kristine's homework this time is to practice writing words. However, at this age, she has problem with making sure each word is consistent.

And so, she uses a ruler to make sure her words
are straight, neat and tidy.


And she has to write, erase, write, erase, etc.
Again and again and again until Mommy is
satisfied with the quality. Luckily tonight's
homework is only a few pages long.

How to make your kid feed themselves

Right after Mommy caught them and gave them for a haircut, it was time for dinner. Which is fine except that both girls would like their Mommy sit between them and take turns being fed. Its nice when you're young but as they get older, this has got to stop. And so, I hit on a brilliant plan........

Me: Kristine, eat your food.
Kristine: But I want Mommy to feed me.
Me: You are six years old now, so you should know how to feed yourself
Kristine: I want Mommy!
Me: If you still continue, I will go to your school tomorrow and tell your friends that Mommy still feed you.....
Kristine: Om... nom... nom... nom... See? I feed myself now. Om... nom... nom...

As for Kaelynn, well, she's still young so, Mommy
can still feed her for another 2 years. Ha ha ha ha

The Taking over of Nasi Lemak Resepi

Feeling a bit peckish, I decided to have a nice lunch since my oats ran out yesterday. No point getting a new bag and doing the Tuna as there's only two days left. And so, while I was walking towards the corner Mamak, I noticed a 'new' restaurant. Since they still have economy rice, I decided to try. There was nothing peculiar anout this place except its a bit too dark for a normal Chinese economy shop and they're not even Old Town. But once I finished my meal, it suddenly dawned on me.

This was a very ambitious Malays shop which opened for less than three months and closed. And opening the shop in an area where 90% are Chinese and one Mamak, they do faced a lot of competition. even the local Malay customers prefer the Mamak just two doors away. Maybe ite because the interior looked so posh, it gave the impression that the food could be expensive too. So, the new tenant saw that the decor was still intact and decided to keep it that way. How do I know, apart from the usual decor? Their WiFi name was still the same, that's why.

A Coke, some potatoes, a slice of luncheon meat
and the vege, plus free bland soup. RM6.00. ugh

Lots of flies. Can't judge the lunchtime crowd as I
was two hours late.

Nice interiors

But here in Kepong, no one gives a hoot.

The truly Malaysian ICE Speaker

While I was at a friend's place, I spotted this speaker design which I believe is for local cars. Apart from the suble "Made in Malaysia" wordings, I believe it was the design which gave it away. A good example would be my car, which after more than a decade, is really rusting. And the speakers are always the first few component that needs replacing. This is because although they are located within the car door, it is still (technically) exposed to the environment. Rain water will seep into the car door and splashes onto the speakers. This was how my speaker connectors deteriorated as the voltage/current reacted with the water and caused very bad rust to the point the speaker connectors were gone. Right now, its still working thanks to a pair of crocodile clips. I can't even solder them.

So, you ask yourself, why is so great about this?
Its not the speaker I am interested in but the
design. The plastic piece (top left) is to shield
the speaker from the rain that comes through
the door and splashes on to the speaker.

And the connectors are shielded too since water
combines with current gives you a very bad

I don't mind getting them but its only 15watts.
But it has given me ideas. I wanted to make
them long ago but never got around to it. So,
once I get new speakers, I will do them.

Small little squares

While I was at this place, when it comes to tiles, its nothing special. The most exciting would be a set of translucent ones. But here, its not about the design of the tiles (which is also very different) but in the sense of how it was displayed. This place gave me a lot of ideas and if I had a lot of money, I know where to go for these tiles.

OK, so its nothing to do with tiles but I am always
attracted to clear resin stuff. Here, they stacked
some small pebbles ...... nice. How it was done, I'm
not sure. But it would cost a lot, I assume.

Nice or not? Not only are they clear
but they have texture too.

The colours for these tiles are nice but they
remind me of the 70's colour scheme.

And this is the one which impressed me
a lot. Its a very simple idea but the
result speaks volumes.

Apart from gold, they also had shiny
silver which made the floor looked as
if it was made of metal. I don't have
the photos for this one as there were
some people in that area.

You might not notice this but this wall is
made from clear resin, which is fragile
and very heavy. Not for clumsy people.

Unfortunately the Nokia 5800's camera
got confused with the background. The
green stuff are actually fluffy plants that
were encased in the clear resin wall.

You get what you pay for

While I was up on the ladder, my cable tracer fell down onto the hard marble floor with a sickening crack. So, I came down to pick it up. At first glance, the was nothing wrong but the moment I flipped the switch, it was loose. Great. Now I have to get the switch replaced.

This is a very expensive tool and in this case, it really gives you what you paid for. Maybe I should get one for myself but its very rare in the market now, even in the rest of the World, if you do get one, its expensive.

This is a RM800.00 to Rm1200.00 cable tracer. Its
expensive. Its durable. It saves time. And it can pay
for itself hundred times over. Oh, how I wished I
had one too.

It seems the impact has jolted the whole circuit
board loose which in turn pulled the red switch's
casing off since its legs was soldered to the circuit
board. One quick push upwards solved the problem
and I do not have to replace anything. If this was
any other brand, it can go straight to the bin.