There's something about the Weather

Mr. Sun has been very hardworking for the past 2 weeks and its taking its toll on us. And just for tonight, Mr Air-con-Gas decided to go on strike and contaminate the environment instead. My voice has already gone funny from all those iced drinks but I can't help it. Its nice:

Recipe for Orange Sprite

1.5 Litre of Sprite (Have not tried Sprite ICE, though)
2 Fresh oranges
1 Liter Mug

1. Wash and then cut the 2 oranges into 12 pieces
2. Squeeze their juice into the Mug
3. Throw the squeezed oranges into the Mug
4. Fill the whole Mug with ice.
5. Fill the Mug with more ice.
6. Slowly pour the Sprite into the Mug.
7. Let the ice melt for a few minutes
8. Think how nice it would be if you added crushed mint leaves
9. Or even 5 table spoons of Kahlua
10. But I would stop at adding onions into it

Try it. In the near future, maybe I will share my CornFlake Sardine recipe with you