Trip to Singapore 2013 Day 1

Yeah, we had planned this two months before and yes, my leave was approved. Then, everyone realised that dates I took was right smack into the Hari Raya and also, a day before, the Jay Chou concert plus on the day, two Warehouse Sales.

Yes, those who realised it, went nuts. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Anyway, this would be our first Family trip out of Malaysia and also, the very first time the girls would be riding on a train for 9 hours! Maybe I am just an excited Dad but this is going to be a very exciting trip for all of us...

And this time, for the very first time, we're going to stay at my Sister's place (aka the girls favourite Aunt in Singapore.)

Kaelynn at the Vending machine.
Most of the cans are RM1.00 each.
Told my Wife that I can just park outside
and she runs inside to get RM10.00 worth,
then we switch for another RM10.00. But noooo....

The queue for the 1400 Train.
Needless to say, this is the very first of all queues...

Yes, the train was running late and so, we had to rush since
we're going to be in the first coach. Just enough time for this...

The coach is quite nice and with the Air-con on, its very cool.
Even the seats are comfortable and spacious.

In the afternoon, with the girls being hungry,
we traipsed to the Canteen Coach. When I saw
this door ajar, I was quite afraid for the girls who
are oblivious to the dangers. And I thought crossing
the coaches were scary.

Kaelynn with her Oreos, Kristine with her erm, nothing, while
I had some Iced Tea and Nasi Lemak. Bear in mind, the prices there
are exhorbitant and with the train going 100Kmh or more, there is no
way but to pay. For example, Kaelynn's (not Ori) Oreos costs RM4.50.
This was my turn to have my lunch since they had theirs earlier.

This is a Panoramic shot of the Cafeteria Coach, where later, I would
find myself going here quite often. Not because of the food but for
the warmth as our coach's Aircon was very cold once you settle in,

Preparing their roles on Motherhood...

Another trip to the Cafeteria. Unfortunately, the only thing that was hot
were the Cup Noodles and Porridge. The girls went at them but left the
Porridge, which to me, was quite nice. Another RM15.00 gone...
Trying to tie your shoelaces in a speeding train is not easy...

10 minutes past ten and we're left Malaysia

I like these seats but once you put them into reclining position,
I find that I keep slipping until my head touches the lower part.

The seat I was sitting in, moved about and after most of the passengers
had left, I decided to investigate. I think this is to allow for the seats to
face either direction because when I moved it to face the windows, it looks
a little bit too cramped. Then the train conductor came...

We have arrived in Singapore and yes, we have to queue up for
a taxi. Its half-past ten by the time we cleared Immigration.

There was a slight stinging on my feet and when I looked at
them, the blisters were due to the horrendous amount of walking
during stting up of the Jay Chou Concert and two Warehouse Sales
where I helped with a lot of things after setting up the POS systems.

Jay Chou

OK, so I just found out that a few months ago, we're part of the Jay Chou concert. Well, no big deal for me. But after that 'incident', I was to take on the POS support and reality sank in. I was to prep and also install all 8 POS PCs for the sales of Jay Chou merchandises for all three concert nights. Not only that, once they're OK, I was to help with other matters. Fine.

Then, we're to report from 11AM (9AM on first day) until 1AM. Oh my God.

Yeah, one big OMG and not only that, we're required to setup some other stuff a few days before. Without going much into details, its very tiring and the only thing I could do after each night was to sleep. But on the other hand, I was thankful for being given an all access pass which means I can go to most places (except his room), get better meals and well, loads of softdrinks. Plus, yeah, access to aircons. You might want to laugh at these things which I took for granted but when you're 'out there', outside the hot and humid Putra Stadium, they are precious little treats.

But for most of the time, I was helping inserting batteries for those pink light sticks and on the last day, repairing them and some other stuff. I was so happy that the lightsticks were sold out two hours before the last concert.

Anyway, there are a lot of things I found out that I did not know. For instance, I COULD apply for tickets and all. Damn.
Bear in mind, this is just a poster. But, I was surprised that as the day
wore on, many posed in front. And as each concert night came, a lot
of fans posed in front of it. The amount of crowds that was there and
the types of poses would, well, astound you.

I say the first 10 minutes of the last day of the concert and it was brilliant, what
with those LED panels, fireworks and jumping platforms, etc. But after that, I
noticed my ears were ringing.
If he comes next year, I am prepared because I have friends and families to treat.