And so, it begins...

And so, our World as we know it, has turned upside-down. Whatever we are used to doing has no importance anymore. Everything now revolves around my Mother, who is in UH. I have taken three day's leave so that what needs to be done, can be done while the rest of the family, esp my Father, make sure that he is always by her side.

While waiting in the car, I have to make sure Kristine finishes her daily homework

Mom's Stroke I

I got the call from my Wife while I was in the office. My Mother suffered a Stroke. Yes, all those cliches starts sprouting in my mind, like "... Life is short", "..passing by my eyes", etc. but I was too stunned to pay attention to any of these. Immediately I went into Robot mode with the only thing on my mind; Mother.

What happened for the next few hours was a blur.

All I know is that my Mom and Dad recognised the symptoms she got him to rush her to the Hospital where it was confirmed.