Just today....

I hated it when my Wife is alone in the house. Because by the time you come back, either the house has burnt down or everyone's tired out by Kristine.

So, today was the day I had to go to a NEC Dealer for training. And by the time it was over, my watch was showing half-past two. An hour earlier, she had SMSed me she was too busy to cook for lunch. Since I was unable to escape myself from the Trainer's Lunch, and out of courtesy, I had to eat with them and at the same time look for a shop that is still open selling Lam Mee for Wifey.

Kristine is very very active now, since she has finally figured out how to crawl and scream for attention. And by dinnertime, we gave up and went to PizzaHut (We skipped the Meatball ones).

Who won? A Jazz-ful of girls hogging the road versus an impatient guy in a Getz.
Yeah, the Getz won once we went downhill

This is the toilet where you must be a very thing person to do your wee-wee.
You must do it very fast or else the door will whack you.


Take it from me. When you're holding your baby up with your arms while lying down, make sure her Nappies are held tight by the safety-pin and your face is not facing the wee-wee part.

Those little tykes sure can aim.