Finally, after more than three weeks testing and looking for missing parts, we have solved the problem of this Chinese made door access system. We have tried asking for help from most of our resellers but they could not help much. So, I had to test them during every evenings when I can help it.

It was not a matter of not buying from them as they had the same model but the nature of their business was that they did mostly trading and technical support was something completely new to them. Not only that, their notes are well guarded trade secrets. So, we had to do a lot of trial and error on this. Because of our fear of destroying the circuit, we had to do this slowly. I mean, we can buy another one again but this was not the option because if we chose it, it means we're not capable of the job.

Anyway, this afternoon, after much probing with the multimeter and more tests with one of my technicians, we got it done. Not only that, we also solved the problem of using only one power supply! Woohoo!

The fingerprint reader (bottom) and the power supply (middle)

Close-up of the fingerprint reader and the wiring problem
which took us weeks to solve. I could bite the bullet but
this could mean burning the device up.

Who should I vote?

What a Dilemma. When I visited KennySia's site, I was told I should vote for DAP. But since there is no DAP here, I would have to contend with the following three....

This is the Makcik who has been terrori.... er, gracing our
neighbourhood for quite some time. So far, the area we
live in has no problems whatsoever, except for the Canny
One murder. But parking in Bangsar is still a big problem.
Not to mention Mat Rempits on the main street. But she
does her work and in Lembah Pantai, improving a lot of
families, moving them from shacks to flats, giving us LRT
and so on.

Daugter of Datuk Anwar Ibrahim. Compared to the Makcik,
she does not have much experience as seen from this blog.
So, my confidence is not on her. But man, she does have the
looks. I wonder if her **** are *ahem* but damn, she's
married already. And although she likes taking care of
her baby, everything she says points to her Dad

Overnight, his poster came up and it was a shock to
this fella out there. I am not sure about my feelings
but he looks weird, having leaving MIC quite some
time ago. But although I know there is nothing in
common with HINDRAF, basically, I don't even
know this fella at all.

The faulty phone

Customer: See? The buttons "4", "5", "6": does not work

**poke, poke, poke, poke, test, test, test** OK, they're not working, you sure you did nothing to the phone?

Sure la. The phone sites there all the time

Well, after using another phone to test, I am very sure this one had liquid poured on it

Really, ah? Well, it is sitting by the window, maybe when it rains, no one was fast enough to close it lor

Alright, let me take this back and have my boys look at it.

Boss, see? Got water went in la....

Why I must always be there

Me: Wei. I just went to ABC co. and checked on them

Tech: Er, yeah? **surprised**

Me: And I found out most of their network cables are wrong.

Tech: Er, really? **sweating**

Me: You used Category 5 plugs on the Category 6 cables didn't you?

Tech: Er, yeah. **panicking**

Me: I told you on the briefing earlier to use the correct plugs didn't I?

Tech: I forgot ma. **really sweating now**

Me: Yeah, right. So, why didn't you actually use them?

Tech: Er, actually, the cables are hard to push into the plug, so I used Cat5 which is easier

Me: Haih. You moron. Now the customer's network speed slow down by 100 times la

Tech: ....

Me: Then why did you use Cat6 on XYZ customer?

Tech: Er, because the Cat5 plugs ran out.....

Me: Basket! You finish the Cat5 on the wrong customer and then used the remaining Cat6 on another wrong customer! You know how much each Plug costs? RM1.00!!!!!

Tech: .....

Me: And because you were not available, I had to spend the whole evening correcting this shit!!!!

And once you straighten the cables, it is very easy to push the cables into the plug, la. Next time, don't do this kind of stupid thing, ok? Your action made everyone lost money and time and also, customer trust. Basket. How can I trust you to be independent? I cannot be there all the time to watch you la.

Tech: Sorry la, Boss. Sorry la.....

Left is Category 5 plug and right is Category 6 plug
The difference is Cat6's wiring slots are placed differently

One year older

So, its that time of the year again. And I tried to escape. But no, the beautiful clerk has secretly bought the cake just like I did for all the staff. Except this time, its a very special cake, with plastic covers and all. But still, everyone respected my wishes for no singing. Ha ha ha ha!

Just a year older and I still don't have my Nissan Skyline R34
I don't even have a working prop
I can't' even own a nice house.
But I am still thankful I have
a Wife and two girls

I don't even have enough money

[Update: 09032008]
Wah, I just blew the candle out and the whole Nation's gone nuts!