Which NERF configuration?

OK. I have located most of the NERF scopes and after looking at them, it was a little difficult to choose which one is the best. I want to modify this Barricade as an Urban Grenade Launcher. Initially, I wanted this to be a Heavy CQB Weapon, say, a 10-round auto shotgun. But after looking at it, well, I don't know.

When it comes to grenades, I am thinking micro-grenades, the ones that can be used to blow a hole in doors, or have a 5-feet blast radius. Or maybe, this is a multi-round gun which can shoot high-calibre rounds that can punch through a hole in engines or a tanks. And when you need shotguns, you just change the bullets. So, this is a short-range weapon, (10-35 feet) and is only a backup weapon. Yeah, this can work.

Now help me choose, which one looks nice/functional because I am going to paint it black:

Config A:
As a shotgun, this scope is ideal. And as a
grenade launcher, this scope is still OK.

Config B:
So, with a 'laser' aiming system, long range
targets would be easy picking.

Config C:
Well, this scope is nice, without you having
to explain, everyone can see that it can fire
at long range targets. But isn't it a bit too

The Cosplay JJPrise Phaser

While we were at Richard's Place the week before, he did mention that he has an old 2009 Playmates Phaser which he or his staff used it for Cosplay or Movie promotions. And he did mention that its quite beat up. Nevertheless, I still wanted it not because there are no more phasers but this is ideal for me to use as a based model for 'upgrading' the Phaser into some kind of a buffed up weapon for Military. (Think Star Trek VI's Phaser)

Notice that most of the chrome is work off, either
from the sweat of the hands or during normal
wear and tear. Richard must have run
out of Red
Shirts because this Phaser has been
set to stun.
Yes! this is what I wanted!

There are signs that the it has been opened before
of times. Or maybe, using the wrong tool.

And with the mechanism broken at the pivot
area, there is no way this Phaser can change
firing modes anymore.
Yes! This is getting better and better!

There are a lot more points I want to say but I will do this in my Website (in the near furture, too) but until then, I have set it back to Fire mode and play it until the upgrade idea takes direction and becomes a reality.

And now, specially for hardworkingguy2000, here are the photos of the Phaser taken apart....

Once you have open the two halves of the Phaser, the
barrel will slip out easily. How easily, I am not sure as
this one's broken and the parts just literally fell out.
Now, the next part is very, very painful because you
have to split the barrel apart along the seams as they
are actually glued together.

And this is the strangest thing I have ever seen. The
Red and Blue LEDs actually have a special holder! I
really liked how Playmates thought about this as the
LEDs needs to be firmly in place when the barrel
swings about.

Replacing the LEDs should not be a problem in theory
but since I did not touch on this, I have to assume that
it will be OK. Only when I had a closer look at the LEDs
did I start to worry because they are a bit shorter than
the normal 5mm LEDs. Still, you can try with a normal
5mm LED, but with a clear lens. As for the Blue, I would
go with a WHITE led White in theory is brighter.

The Playmates 2009 Enterprise

Richard came around and passed me the Playmates 2009 Enterprise. I wanted this because I might need to use it on the Workshop. So, this means I would need to take it apart so that I can put the electronics in. However, when I tested it after he left, I found out that the toy does not work. And after spending hours tracing the fault, I gave up.

Which is not a bad thing because, now I have a real reason to modify it. Heh.

The toy came in a big box and this is a first for Playmates
because this time, they did not have those "Demo" buttons
for you to press. No, Sir. Its all packed inside the box and
you will have to buy it to try it out.

When you open the box, you will be amazed at all the
empty spaces in there. This is the picture I took when
it was still with its restraining cables. And just to show
you the actual size, I have placed the Standard Coke
can, which is the De Facto Standard for internet

Also, this is the first time I have seen an On/Off
switch for a Space ship. Most of their previous
Star Trek toys in the 90's do not have this.

And again, like Art Asylum, they used AAA batteries.
But here, it needs three. And so...

... so I will update this on my website in the near future, la. You think, what?

Mouse repairing

Remember that I love to store things? Even useless things? OK, call me hoarder is you want but like everyone else afflicted to this disease, I have a very good (and often used) excuse, "Someday we might need it....)

And so, today, was the very day that excuse came true. My 2008 AVF Mouse's left button felt very weak weeks ago and only today, I managed to open it up and troubleshoot the problem. Yep, its mouse button was faulty.

And so, taking one of the 'spare' mouse circuit boards, I salvaged one of the buttons. Total cost for this is, ye, zero. but of i would to buy this as a brand new item, it would cost me near to RM10.00 or so; you have to drive to Pasar Road, pay parking, etc.

And so, I have a replacement button for my
three year old mouse

All thanks to the 'broken' mouse which was supposed
to be thrown into the bin in the office.

Chan Sow Lin Fish Head

After Kristine's class, it was time for lunch and with Wife's direction, we ended up at Jalan Chan Sow Lin. Now, as far as everyone (who does not know about this place) knows, this is an industrial area. But after tuning here and there, we found the place, which is famous for steamed fish. All the while, I passed by this area and did not know about this place.

Since it was a Sunday, there were not much people about and so, we did not have any problems parking. While I was trying to get a fix on the GPS, Wife had already ordered and so, to tell you the truth, I am not sure what she ordered.

We just sat and ate, that's all. I know you're bored with this post, so I shall keep the words to a minimum. And for RM37, this is not bad.



Fish head




Reinforced pleasure pressure

I have a theory that cars like Vee-chai was made for people who love high heels of something to that effect. After so long, I am still not confident when it comes to stepping on the pedals. Maybe I am too used to The Bengmobile (but it also has reinforced pedals, la stupid). And its usually because of the fact that the brake pedal was too high. So, when you need to brake, you would need to readjust your heel. This would rob you of precious seconds.

And so, after scouring Pasar Road, I got the pedals I wanted. No, I did not get them from Brother's mainly because they are not conveniently located and its a hassle to go from Pasar Road to the nearest branch.

Anyway, this time, I chose the pattern that has some rubber so that I more of less, have some form of grip. But I am very sure that when I use slippers, its going to be a different story altogether.

Sometimes, I really do miss the clutch pedal. And I
think my Left Foot is starting to get lazy...

There was another version which looked much better
it costs more than twice compared to this one.
that 'brand' reminds me of those stupid
Alphards which is nothing more than just a van.

Installing it was a no brainer once I realised that
the instructions do not match the product. And
so, after making my brain work hard, its done.
Unlike The Bengmobile, I do not need to cut off
excess screws because it only hit the walls slightly.

So, how was it? Well, it feels slightly much better and although I am fooling myself, I do not need to step on the gas pedal too much, (yeah, right) and all of a sudden, the car feels slightly more powerful (ha ha ha ha) and I feel very much at home.

The Art Asylum TOS Communicator

To be honest, I still have problems accepting the Original Star Trek Series and their props. Their special effects at that time was very good but in today's standard, it was well, meh. I know the stories were good but its these effects that were really distracting me and in the end, putting me off completely.

Still, in my hands now is the TOS communicator from Art Asylum, courtesy of my brother who picked it up in Singapore. It was a bargain too because the lights do not work. Since I have nothing else better to do, I agreed to the purchase knowing full well that it would end up with me taking it apart...

And so, after taking it out from the box last night,
I solved the first problem, which is why there were
no lights. This was because of the plastic tab which
puts the toy in "demo" mode.

For a toy this size, it feels kind of light and maybe,
I suspect, they're using those button cells. But then
again, this is unlike Art Asylum who loves AAA batt

So, I was wrong, They really did use AAA batteries

And boy, after seeing this, it was a good excuse to
open it up. Then again, it is a good excuse because
Kristine is still in her Martial Arts class and so......

... so I will update this in my Website in the near future. Bye!