Captain Riker's USS Titan

Simon & Shuster organised a contest for fans to design Captain Riker's ship, the USS Titan had ended and they have a winner. Sean Tourangeau's design was picked.

You can see the design here

Personally, its a cross between the USS Enterprise-E with a bit of USS Voyager and inspiration from the USS Reliant's weapons. And its a refreshing design which more or less conforms to the Star Trek Starship Design "Rules". Ha ha

Will my Voyager model kit going to be like that? Nope

Broken Realtionship Gifts

You just broke up from a relationship, didn't you?

Or maybe, you really want to end one.

What better way to do this than buying this wonderful though out gift

Osama is here!

Yeah, he opened shops selling used shoes and furniture

The Usual Suspect

21/10/05 2215: Ms. Hello Kitty was seen flattened on the floor, most probably from an exhausting struggle

21/10/05 2218: Suspect was taken to identify Ms. Kitty

21/10/05 2220: Suspect refused to talk and was last seen escaping

The Classic Citroen

Whoa! This modern classic was so cool in the 70's

The room at the top of the stairs

ME: Excuse me, I am looking for your Boss
MAN: Oh, he's upstairs you can use the stairs here

ME: You mean this one?
MAN: Yes, the other entrance is blocked


Looking back from the "new" entrance