24032015 Hello, Brazil Kitty

While I was getting ready for work I just casually picked up one of  my Daughter's soft-toy. In the beginning, it looked normal to me but I nearly dropped it when I turned the back.


When you find out why he stayed up until 4Am, you will be shocked.

Did the title get you to read this? Its the trend for the past 12 months.

Anyway, the Client is coming down this Thursday and as a precaution, I checked the Lightsaber again as I kinda start to warm up to the LEDs going up and down. What I learnt from this experience is, if you can, you must never, ever, check your repaired items after 8pm.


I just switched it on around midnight before going to bed and my heart skipped a beat because, yep, that faulty LED segment decided to be... faulty again. This time I know where the problem lies and its actually on the blade itself. The idea of the LED going up and down the blade is cool but it is actually a very fragile piece of **** and trust me, this Lightsaber is meant only to be switched on and off as a display, and not, OK, not used for knocking objects, Pinatas, staging mock Lightsaber fights, moving cats out of the way, etc.


I have seen the circuit board for the blade and felt its fragility.  Not only that, the wires at the other end leading to the contact points are so fragile that when you move the circuit board about, it broke. Everytime.

So, if someone offers you a Lightsaber with a faulty blade like this, stay away. Stay far, far, away. And also, when you have a broken Lightsaber, stay away.

Stay far, far, away from me.

Ask, Ask, Ask

In America
"Ask not what your Country can do for you but ask what you can do for your Country"

 In Malaysia
"Ask not what you can do in your Country but what your Country can do to you"

How Bluetooth saved my Life

Well, yes it did. It saved me from having to sacrifice some notes out of the wallet, made sure I don't add to the deadly road statistics and yeah, balance my head.

The hands-free saga has been with me ever since I got a mobile phone and then, with the Malaysian Road Authorities insistence, I needed them more than ever when I drive. My first Bluetooth was a Jabra for my Sony Ericsson which despite its excellent specs, lasted me less than six months due to my body fat refusing to yield any extra space. Oh, the mourning lasted for years.

It was not until in 2015 that I finally relented and started to look for another Jabra. By now, as you would have known, Bluetooth has evolved to Stage 4, which means nothing to me except its now runs on less power, can accept two other Bluetooth devices and yeah, really acts as a headphone too. Since Jabra did not have the specs I was looking for, I tried eBay *ahem* and this headset is good!

I did not appreciate it until this morning when I got a call in the car. But within 4 seconds or so, I managed to switch the headset on, and the call immediately went into it!

Wow. You can't do that seamlessly years ago!

17032015 My very own MILF!!!

Kaelynn posing to show how big the box was!

Well, after so many weeks (OK, months. OK, OK, years) I now have a 1/72 Finemolds Millenium Falcon to call my own. Just like the Polar Lights's 1/350 Enterprise which debuted in the early 2000's, the MILF (coined by a friend of mine) was among those listed as THE models to get.

For the Enterprise, it was the sheer size of 1 metre and the almost accurate details which got Trekkers going nuts. But for the Finemolds MILF which was slightly smaller than an AMT Falcon, its the 'over 900 parts' amount of detail which got everyone flustered.

For me, its more than that. I want to be the person who can design the lighting for the Millenium Falcon and keep those Christmas string Lights people out of business. I want to come up with a lighting solution which, just like my earlier products, is easy to put into the models without much soldering. So, having a model means you just need to glue, sand, gripe, paint, decal, etc. and there is nothing in there that says you need an Electronics Degree.


Anyway, how I got this MILF also has a story on its own. Many years ago, I was eyeing the one stocked by ToyPanic but never did get the change to get it (OK, you all know my story so I won't tell it here). Finally in 2014, I had the great opportunity to venture out on my own and try my hand at Scale Lighting and that was where I got to know Derek Ho of Neo-Plamo in Ipoh.

Although we have yet to meet face to face, it was through Facebook which cemented our friendship. And it was the Moebius Cylon Raider incident which I was so grateful to him. This was when I was rushing to complete the model in time for Animangaki 2014, there was a missing part. And before you know it, Derek plucked that part from one of his customer's orders and shipped it to me. I got it less than a few days while Moebius took almost three weeks and USD8.95.

How I got the MILF from Derek was through helping.

I have learnt that when you help people, you help with the kindness in your heart and not think about the possible favours owed or the strings you can get or expecting a response in kind. So, this is more or less, genuine or pure help, which, when you don't think about it, will return to help you when you least expect it.

So, it was through small electronics favours which I helped Derek on his models before it grew into an Aerial Hunter Killer from Pegasus Models. This very model, as he put it, was for me to 'play with it'. This was very unexpected and so, what I did was to light the model up and send it back to him as a surprise. Derek, as usual, insists on paying me for the effort but on a personal level, it has already been paid for, with the experience I gained from making the model, lighting it and also, learnt how to paint metallics

Anyway, its finally here! Woo hoo!