Sleeping cat

The way the cat lay on the street,
I thought it was dead but actually,
I took this picture because it was,
at that time, funny.

And also, because I had a can of Sarsi,
I wanted to lob it into the basket and
'gently' wake the cat up. Somehow, I
missed and it fell next to the cat and
no, it did not jump up or anything. It
just stirred with a, 'Yawn, whassup?'

Sorry I disturbed your siesta, cat.


This is a Suzuki. Or so I was led to believe. It is
a very cute van and if I were to get one, I would
be worrying on its fuel consumption and noise.
But then, it is such a beautiful cute van. I cannot
admit I love it in case those within earshot might
grab me and throw me to the nearest facility for
mental misfits.

Mid Valley Fountain

This is the Mid-Valley fountain which captivated a lot
of shoppers. Just today, I happened to pass by and it
was under maintenance. Now I know why I did not
let the girls jump into it. Not because I was afraid
there could be some piranhas in there...

Anyway, after finishing my business. I decided to drop in on JayaJusco for its Assam Laksa. But this time, I decided to go for the Chicken Nasi Lemak which I enjoyed so many years ago. Unfortunately, I think they have changed the vendor and apart from the crispy anchovies, stay away from the sambal and well, almost everything. It was such a gastronomic nightmare, the only words I could utter about the quality and taste, if I could, were some choice words about their mothers and female reproductive parts.

Friday night

Its Friday night and as promised by someone, they can stay with my Parents instead of Saturday night.

When it came to moving the matress,
the girsl were suddenly very 'helpful'.

Everything is ready but they can't go until
Kristine finishes her homework first.