Its cracking along nicely, Thank You

And so, since I have not finished paying for the phone, there is no way I can get the screen replaced. And so, I have to live with it for the time being. Afterall, the touchscreen function is still in good working order.

So what if the screen's go haywire? I just have to
switch the screen off and on again. Sometimes if
it doesn't work, then I'll have to reset the phone

Yeah, the mirror tint's driving me nuts

And look at the smudges. Oh well, another 2 weeks...

And so, another crack appears and in less than
24 hours, some pixels have migrated, thus it
created a deep divide between the four states

Chopsticks & Hot Char Koey Teow

After coming back home, I rushed to the kitchen to see what I could scoff for lunch. As my Boss came back the night before, there was some briefing and so, there was no time for breakfast or any other meal. I kept thinking about having a nice Nasi Lemak but when I looked at my watch, it was already past eleven in the morning. Finding some hot oily char koey teow, I settled for lunch. Then, minutes later, Kaelynn came in, curious as to why I did not rush to play with my computer (ha ha) saw me having my lunch. I then asked if she wanted some but knowing her, she knows its hot and thus refused my offer.

Then Kristine came in and I asked her if she wanted some of the hot char koey teow or not. Suprisingly, she said OK and so, I fed her. The Kaelynn was curious why I was using chopsticks and who taught it to me. And so, after replying that it was my parents, I began to teach her as well. Since she was still a bit too young, she could not grasp the idea. But Kristine did and she showed off to her sister.

But this time, seeing her sister eating the hot char koey teow, she wanted some as well

Kristine holding the chopsticks

This is how you do it. (Almost there)

And so she tried it with the small pieces of cake which
they cut with scissors earlier in the day.

And so, like me, when I was young, Kristine ate the
char koey teow bit by bit and washed them down
with my mug of cold water.

Kaelynn at first wanted to be fed before getting her
own bowl and her cup of water

Guess where most of my lunch ended up?

Toys will be toys

You spend a huge amount of money on toys which
you know costs very much less outside and this is
what they do with it after less than a week of play

The 7-11 Hotel

Kristine: Daddy, look what I made!
Me: Wow. What is it?
Kristine: Its a, un..... Hotel
Me: A Hotel?
Kristine: A 7-11 Hotel
Me: .....

Going back to Daiso

Today, I had to go back to that customer of mine whose shop is in the final stages of renovation. And the contractors there are working like crazy as they have less than days to hand over to the customer. I had to come because two days ago, no one was working (really hard). And today, I am glad I came because they had pulled two cables less. So, I had to get them to rectify the mistake.

Although we are not under the Main-con(tractor), and we're not laying the cables, I still have to perform a site inspection in case there are complications.

This is where we'll be installing the phone
system. Right now, the CCTV guy is getting
the best places and mains power.

I have never seen a cloth type of
wall paper with glitter as it looks
glamorous. Very glamorous.

Close up shot of the fabric. But most of the
glitter that was glued on, came off and made
the floor/carpet look weird instead.

On the way out, there was this roadshow about
driving safety by the Fire & Rescue Department
to educate folks who are going to balik kampung

Yeah, they even have their own band.

Before I go back, I was unable to resist the urge to stop at Daiso again. I realise I am starting to get addicted to that shop. And with RM5.00 per item, its getting to be quite expensive. I mean, there are so many nice and useful things in there and by the time you check out, you realise the con. Its so easy to pick the items and buy the time you realise it, you could have paid more than RM50.00 for stuff which might be cheaper or that you do not really want but thought you might need it.

And so, (L-R) I had a nice tap penguin, a tube
paste roller, two sets of hand massage balls

One is the nicket plated and the other is just plain
transparent blue. Yes, it is painful to massage your
hands. But I was thinking of more uses for the
metallised version. However, I still could not get
the two halves to open......

I like this because when you stick it to the tap and
trun on the water, the small fins inside would make
the penguin flap its wings. Unfortunately, the taps
in the house were too big for it. Hai......

My Boss went to Bintulu .....

And all I got was this......

This is a micro bi-directional rachet screwdriver
with interchangeable heads

And it even has another bit hidden in the grip

My tech trying it out, seems OK, though.
I can't wait to start screwing around with mine

Oh, and he also got this holster, which unfortunately,
is not the right size. So, he gave it to me to try mine
when I get home. I think its more for a 1911 instead
of a SigSauer.