Proton Perks

Well, what do you think?
I have "Cut & Paste" this posting from a Forum, so please excuse the grammar and spelling.
How many of you have had this problem (from the list) with your Protons? I have 10. Seriously, for the past 2 years, after Proton's failure with the Waja (new car, worse QC), when the Gen-2 came out, no one was excited anymore. A lot of people have lost hope with Proton, which many saw it missed so many opportunities if it had actually did something about it.

So, where else did they turn to? Toyota VIOS, Avanza and tHonday CITY, of course.

1. very famous power window problem

2. 'cricket' noises at the back
3. Poor and unprofessional after-sale service
4. rust 'pimples' & 'acne' growing on bodywork, without treatment will
gradually become 'bullet holes'
5. air conditioning go bust
6. aquarium in headlamp/tail-lamp
7. seats stink after a few years (i'm serious)
8. plastic parts tend to fall apart
9. the seat pvc covers burst at their seams (seems to be just stapled)
10. bumper fall off after soft thud
11. car suspension failure
12. very high fuel consumption for certain models (Wira 1.5GL)
13. no safety features
14. low factor of safety
15. Change Gearbox every 80k of millage ( 1.6 A Wira )
16. Keeping flowerhorn in the boot(waja).
17. Repainting the wing mirror (waja).
18. Broken door handles (waja)
19. Wira passenger glove compartment does not fit properly to dashboard
since day one
20. Still making Wira since 1993.
21. Still using 3 speed auto gearbox in 1.5GL
22. Still making Saga aka Iswara since 1985.
23. dashboard fitting still poor after 20 years in business
24. always flooded the boot area (1.5 Wira Sedan)
25. no security door brackets for Wira (even though it's known problem)
26. always giving stupid excuses when we send our proton to SC: Proton
memang macam ini lah, i pun tak dapat buat apa !!
27. always claiming that their products is da best ever, never try to
improve in terms of technology, quality and services.
28. is the first who think of "KOSONG" version of their products. i.e.
Iswara Kosong ver, 1.3 Wira "Kosong" ver. and etc
29. always claim that non-genuine spare parts kills, while their "genuine
spare parts" sucks !
30. Costlier Price = Poorer Quality = sold in M'sia, Cheaper Price =
Quality = sold OUT of M'sia.
31. Frequent engine die off during driving (Wira 1.3/1.5 2000 onwards.)
32. Meters (speed, temperature, fuel, rpm) will KONG within 2 years.
33. The boot edge didn't allign properly with the bacl lamp (for Wira
34. Old tech gear box with 3 speed. (Wira 1.5A)
35. Gearknob 'leather' start peeling off and sticking to ur palms within
first year
36. Glove bos fall off during driving (Waja) too short to lock on dash
holder (ISWARA also)
37. Has to change the glove box handle (if lucky once a year).. (wa
38. Lemon models such a Tiara and Waja 1.8. Even own mechanics dunno how
to repair.
39. New Wira/Iswara quality worse then ever, probably due to using same
mould for body part since 1993...tolerances all out...hence unsightly
40. Seat fabric tear so easyily compared to older models.
41. Door lock can brake into 2..inside the car. my 40 year old classic
car still using original!!!
42. Simply change to Siemen ECU.....without knowign bad or good.
43. useless and expensive front signal, next to headlamp....just glued
together....water enters faster than you install. parts from potong
can ;ast longer and gives more confidence.
44. front brake for wira jam easily.
45. Headlamp cable loose (Waja)
46. Noisy sound from aircon blower (Waja)
47. Engine mounting kong after 4 month (Waja)
48. Reverse sensor forever beeps even if there's nothing behind.
49. Shitty (Shittiest) car theft protection i've ever had, Auto Gear lock
with flacid-type key (the key thats softer than a limp DD) will break
after 3 times usage... cost to replace is almost RM30-50 (Wira 1.5GL and
certainly other models)