Going to Bukit Tinggi's Aeon

You know, all the while we're at Kota Kemuning, we always do our shopping at Subang's Carrefour and the nearby Savemart with the occasional trip to Subang's Giant or Mydin. But never in Bukit Tinggi. And during my work, I would pass by this place countless of times but I never went in. It was the biggest shopping centre, right smack in Klang and none of us have ever gone there.

And so, today, my Wife decided to go there for some Chinese New Year shopping. Hey, she's the Boss, not me. I am just the chauffeur. I was quite afraid that there would be a lot of cars as this is the second last weekend before the Chinese New Year. However, when we arrived at the place, there was ample place to park. The place is so big that once you come in from the Highway, there is no way you would not have noticed it.

But alas, just like the one in Prai and a few new ones, its just the same. So, whichever branch you go to, its the same. Same shops, same stuff, same design and layout. In other words, its just one big place of boredom. So, there is nothing much to say about this place except for the few specialist shops located on the 2nd floor but they are nothing to shout about either.

For lunch, we had Darren's Full Moon chicken and
pasta to go with it. I used the egg's red dye to tell
the girls it was blood. Wanted to try a trick my
Boss showed me but this would mean I have red
lips. Eventually, Wife scolded me for letting Kaelynn
have the egg (yolk) and durian together.

Kristine begged and begged Mommy to let her
see more of the kids dancing on stage. Finally,
Mommy could not bear it and so, brought her
there. The children were miming and dancing
to the songs except for the last one which a
small child actually sang. And none of them
were shy. This girl in purple looked like a very
young Ada (some HK star I forget the name)

Since it was on sale, I got this RM2.20 tape
for only Rm2.00. Why am I telling you this?

Earlier on, Kaelynn accidentally stepped
on Kristine's shoes and the straps came
apart. After going to a few shops to get
a new one, there was none on sale for
less than RM40.00, and by this time,
Kristine was answering back to Mommy
who now refused to buy any shoes.

Hey, so long as it works, OK?

Finally, hunger got the better of us and
we eventually settled at this shop called
Penang Nyonya or something. The girls
looking out across to the Black Canyon
did little to our confidence in choosing
this place.

It took ages for us to get our orders but when
the food came, I took a look at this RM3.80
cendol. I am sure someone must have written
the word, "sucker"somewhere....

My RM7.60 ABC fared slitghtly better but its still
a bit too expensive. But at least they were a little
more generous with the corn.

My Assam Laksa came next. My personal taster
(aka Wife/Boss/Home Minister) said it was not
that good. To me, it tasted like MSG and those
white Laksa felt very soft, like some overcooked
spaghetti. And oh yeah, the prawn paste is like
watered gravy.

My Wife's bryani looked better but there were just
too much spice in the rice.

The kid's Kuey Teow tasted as if it was fried with
invisible lap cheong despite the presence of those
Halal chicken. They were also very generous with
the prawns so both girls do not have to fight. Much.

But the best dish of all was the small little side
dish that came with my Wife's bryani.

Finally, after not able to buy any clothes, we went
next door to Eneos where we got a new steering
lock and a pair of dura-edge wipers. The carpark
layout is weird. I had to exit the existing carpark
to go to Eneos's carpark. And when we need to
come out, I had to go back into the Aeon to validate
the ticket for the second time. Sheesh. At least the
girls were enjoying themselves in front of a sub-woofer