Trip to Kuantan IV

So, its was a busy weekend for me. I had to drive up to Kuantan by myself as my technician was sick at the last minute. It was a job to add in about 12 phones, more incoming lines and also to dismantle a phone system we loaned them.

Because I was alone, it took me the better part of Sunday to complete it. It was very difficult because the person who arranged my presense there, forgot to inform the new Manager about my tasks which pissed him off and he told me to come back on Sunday instead. Because I was literally running out of time, I pretended to clean up my stuff and leave. Once I saw him leave, I came back and continued way into the night and left with the network guys (who, incidentally, were not "affected"). Then I had to waste RM110 for a Hotel.

Come Sunday, by the time I finished everything, it was after 2100 at night. And boy, driving back on a highway without much streetlamps at night is not fun. It is so creepy and dark. In KL, when it is dark, you can still see some lights on the horizon or clouds. But here, its totally black. Then when there is a car (not cars) coming from behind, you'd have to look carefully if its actually headlights or other things. Many a time, I tried not to look into the rear-view mirror too. This is the time where my overactive imagination is not really appreciated at all.

This are the remaining cables that will be used in the future

I just hoped that they do not open this junction box on Monday. Ha ha ha ha

The Ground Floor renovation (which will be my department)

As the floor is stinky now, they are still drying it up
But I saw some patches where the carpet is rising
Somehow, I don't think this is the correct idea of
creating activated carbon. Ha ha ha ha ha ha