For Nexus

Finally. RM19.00 for the lot.
After so much crap.

The CCTV Tester MK II is ready!

Finally, after nearly a year in waiting, my MK II CCTV tester prototype is ready for field trials. Yes, you'd be wondering why a 5 week old project could take so long. And I will explain it to you in one magic word which you would understand immediately: Money.

Doing this from my own pocket is not easy since I had to save and scrimp. But imagine my Boss's suprise and his glee playing with it, is worthwhile. Because I know there is a potential for it.

Before you say other things, let me remind you the facts. Yes, I could get the company to sponsor me for the R&D but then, I would have tremendous pressure to get it done and so on. Yes, I could get the company to buy it off me but so far, this is not workable since I doubt the cash reserves and there is the problem naming the price. To recoup the R&D costs, I am not sure how to calculate it. And no one is going to buy this even though (if they could see it) it helps in improving their productivity. Its like us; we're extremely valuable to dealers when it comes to servicing and troubleshooting PABX and CCTV systems but no one is going to pay us enough salary to keep us.

How it works, well, give me time and I'll come up with the documentation. But remember, the tester was designed to be bulky due to the wiring and connectors inside it. So that most of the parts can be replaced on field with minimal soldering.

To be brief, the aim of this tester is to assist the technician in troubleshooting a CCTV related problem in the shortest time possible and also reduce the workforce to one person for that job.

See the red rocker switch? Its the switch to the
cable tester function which is not ready as I seem
to lost the remaining BNC connector. This is what
happens when your project takes too long as parts
tend to disappear or roll off somewhere. Worse is,
its the only few pieces left in Pasar Road and I am
the only buyer who bought them all.

Kristine modeling the tester for me.

"Daddy, when I hold it, its not heavy."
She was so excited to play with the screen that she
did not notice the tester's weight.

Monday leave

Yeah, I am on leave today. And I had a very productive day. It funny that I was never that productive when it comes to weekends and also public holiday. However, once I apply my own leave, I find it that I can do a lot of things. Maybe its because its my own precious leave that I unconsciously do not want to waste it. The reason why I needed to take the leave was because there would be no one at home to take Kristine to school and babysit Kaelynn.

Kaelynn sleeping on Mommy's bed because she
bedwetted again.

Kristine as always, slept like a log.
"Kristine, today you're wearing white (sports)
or blue uniform (normal)?"
"Er, blue."
"You sure?"
"I dunno. I think its blue."

And so, after making sure Kristine was ready, I
carried Kaelynn to the car. Just in time for her
to take her daily morning DHA and vitamin
fortified hydrated bovine discharge.

At the gate, because of the H1N1, the girls
were scanned for their temperature and
also had their hands cleaned with those
alcohol-based soap at the entrance.

Kristine was so proud of her sister that she
took her to her class.

When I saw the class, that's when I realised
that everyone in the school was wearing the
white uniform. So, I left Kaelynn in Kristine's
class before the teacher could say anything
and rushed back home to get the change of
uniform. Later in the day, Kristine informed
Mommy that we went into the girl's toilet
for her to change into the proper uniform.

Kaelynn did not want to leave the class because
there were a lot of books and things for her to
play. But I got her out in the end.

Kristine giving her sister a kiss before leaving.

As consolation, I let Kaelynn play
with the slides before we go home.

And she looked so happy! I guess she loves
books and schools.

Once we got back home, I decided to clean the car.
You could imagine the tons of pebbles and other
dirt I had to vacuum out. After hang the laundry
out to dry, I washed the car. Yeah, its in bad shape.

Then its time for me to clean out my toolbox.
Nothing much to do here except to throw out
all those unuseable stuff and odds and ends. I
think the last time I cleaned the toolbox was
way back in 2004, just after I resigned.

Then it was back to the school to fetch
Kristine back. Kaelynn watching out
for her sister but she did not show. So
we went to her class intead, where they
were about to dismiss. Nice thing is that
Kaelynn can remember to way to her
sister's class after I pretended to be lost

They were rehearsing for some music act, I think.

After the trip to Petronas (second for Kaelynn),
the girls were back home, with their Ribena
drinks and sweets. Mommy was back home
too, preparing lunch for all of us.

The girls giving me one each of their sweets.

After that, once everything settle has been taken care of, its time to do my own thing, which is the CCTV Tester MK II.