Hot Mama

After reading Dr. Liew's Blog on the Takoyaki, I was tempted to try it out today because we were tasked to buy some obscure or rare VCD titles. It was rare because no one else wants to sell some fuddy duddy boring title that comes in three series with about 33 episodes. Since we're already hungry, I decided to go up to the sith floor for that Takoyaki. Unfortunately, on the way there, we were waylaid to a new restaurant (after opening the wrong door).

This place is caled Hot Mama, which was quite new. Previously, it was a small air-con foodcourt which guarantees foody smells on your clothes after you eat there.

Reading the bottom line

The decor at Hot Mama

I was mesmerised by the orange acrylic discs and flowers in the centre

Here is a closer look. Pardon my T630 camera

Although the seats on the left was unique, not much people sat there becase of the air-con vents which blows directly at them. After completing thier orders, these girls later moved to the right

The walls were quite nice. Previously, it was filled with smaller food stalls

My drink of choice, the special chestnut [Order no. 70 at RM3.90]
It was like drinking soup as there were too much chestnuts in there (About 40%). In the end, after the waiter took away our dishes, I has to use the Heart stirer to eat the chestnuts. I did not want to ask my Wife how her RM0.50 water tasted.

Wifey's Tom Yam Noodles [Order no. 46 at RM9.90]
You know, although all tom Yams tastes the same to me, this one is different because you know its horribly bad.
And when it came, it literally reminded me of someone vomiting into it as all the bits of food were floating on top of the very thin Tom Yam soup. As for the noodles hiding deep in the bowl, its best left at that.

My order, the Roast Beef Rice [Order no. 37 at RM9.50]
I can tell you staight away on this one. The beef was dry and tough, the sauce was salty and the lettuce leaf tasted like it was left on the table for hours.

So, do I want to go back there? I am not sure. Although the food pictured in the menu looked attractive, its more of a case of being fooled by the picture. As I recalled, I always try to steer away from any shops operated by young teenagers and what with the handkechiefs wrapped on their heads like some pirate, I should have heeded my instincts. Still maybe their chicken rice balls does not look too bad............

As we left, I wanted to treat my Wife to a round of ice-creams at Famous Amos to console her but unfortunately, my bowels protested which resulted in my losing a lot of things in the toilet.

Pizza Hut's Meatball Pizza

I haven't had Pizza for a very long time and thanks to the customer, I got my wish (indirectly). So, when they decided to make the order, someone (not me) suggested the Meatball version, which has been on the TV for quite sometime.

When it came, well, I was at a loss for words. The new recipe gives you the feeling of adding crushed macadamia nuts on your Peanut Butter Sandwich. I.e., nothing new, just a variation.

But I am still thankful that I got some nice stuff to eat since the only thing I had for the day was some half-cut sausages in pastry for breakfast. And I did not get to go home until after 530 in the evening due to some cabling complications.

High above, this is how Peace Hill looked like
(Peace Hill = Bukit Aman, Police HQ)

Since we're working until 5pm, customer ordered Pizza for everyone. They ordered the normal Pizzas and the new Meatball version

This is Pizza Hut's Meatball Pizza. There is something obsecne about it but I can't remember what.
Oh yeah, its like pulling someone's balls after cutting them open.

Close up of the meatball. If you go and order a bowl of beef noodles that comes with beef meatballs, it tastes the same, trust me. Except this one is covered with cheese and tomato paste.

Women At Work

I had to return to my customer (located near The Coliseum) today because of more follow ups. So, on the way, I saw the cleaners removing stuff from the drains. The lady in pink, IMHO could be the leader as she was giving instructions in a very loud voice to the other girls.

1120: These girls were trying to open the metal grills

It was difficult because they're stuck to the road
No, the girl on the left is not calling for help on her mobilephone

So they used metal rods and shovels to get it opened.
This is a woman's job, so the man kept his distance

1240: Covering back the grills. A very tiring work

All done!

Taking a breather

1540: Now they're at it again, this time on the other side or the road
Guessed who drank all the Red Bull