Fibre-optics by the dozen

Just after the 'banana' incident today, I came across another shop selling stuff from China and then I had a closer look at one of the shelves. It had a lot of lighting decoration from glowsticks to LEDs to yep, fibre-optics. I am not sure of they're the real deal but then again, being that cheap, I don't think they're actual fibre-optics. But when I switched on the test unit, the light output from the LED to the fibre was quite good.....

And so, I had to buy a dozen of them since buying one
was like being halfway. They can't let me buy just the
fibre optics alone but it must come with a set even if I
traded for two bags of fibre-optics. Silly buggers! The
12 LEDs alone would cost more than the fibre-optics.
or am I wrong this time? No matter, I was RM22.80

There was another design which is actually
a flower pot but with better battery design
and some glittering decor inside. However,
I am not going to pay double the price.

This is the circuit which makes it work. Underneath
is a programmed microprocessor which controls the
three red, green and blue LEDs and it gives a very
different lighting pattern at the touch of a button.
This is very unique because in the olden days, they
would use a motor to slowly spin a multicolored disk
and the effect of each fibre optic strand changing colour
is amazing. The three LEDs here have their own very
special charm too.

Each fibre-optic is about less than 0.4mm. And the
white area is pre-cut to help spread the light better

The other end of the fibre-optics are held in place
by this plastic piece. Which is good as it won't go
all over the place.

And there you have it. The fibre-optic and its base.
The strand is about 1inch shy of one feet.

OK, I just found out that my Nikon D50
has very little battery left and so, I have
to take them as fast as I can and please
excuse the mistakes such as this shot
when I forgot to turn off the fan.

The three LEDs shines in different
area and so, the fibre-optics have
different spread of colours.

Let's see from another angle....

You won't understand what I mean
until you see this shot. each LED is
shining at a different area or in other
words, each LED has their own sweet

So, I can't wait for Moebius's Battlestar Galactica model kit........

Stuck in Semenyih

Today's weather is weird. For the best part of the day, it was cloudy and slightly windy, which is good. But once I start to drive to Semenyih, just right after I passed the Sg. Besi toll, the view from my rear-view mirror was not good; Dark clouds which means a heavy storm.

But it was not the case. All it did was to rain. And rain. And then rain again. And this made everyone on the road drive slower.

This is the scene throughout the whole journey.
And it was dangerous too as not many cars had
their headlights on. I am just thankful that my
car's aircon is working and had a good set of
tires too.

And so, after the visit, I stopped by Tesco.
No point going back because all the roads
would be jammed up due to everyone
rushing to break fast. After one hour there,
I got all the stuff I wanted. And it costs me
RM36.05. Sadly, this shows the purchasing
power nowadays compared to about more
than 30 years ago.

Giving Chek Hup a miss, I decided to try this
6 in 1 coffee. It has everything in there, from
Ali's walking stick to some cat's whiskers, to
ginseng and three other items which I missed.
Unless they're coffee, sugar and creamer?

As I was coming out, I spotted these
'new' desert, which is upside-down

And upside-down ABC. They call it
a blog, even. It is so mind boggling
that I am not even sure how to eat
it it I got one. But I didn't.

Even beggars tell me to yiak jiew

After discussing with a customer today, I noticed it was already past 11 in the morning and and my stomach was grumbling. So, I went to the nearby 7-11 to get a bottle of Pepsi and two bananas. I would consume the bananas right in the 7-11 but today, I decided to eat & walk since the customer made me feel good. While waiting at the traffic light, an Indian guy walked up to me. He looked a bit haggard and was a bit unsteady on his feet. But what took me by surprise was that he spoke very good English.....

Man: Are you an executive? You look like an executive
Me: er, no. I am in Sales.
Man: Ah, everyone's a salesman. Even a Doctor is a salesman, selling medicines. even the Prime Minister is a Salesman.
Me: Uhuh...
Man: I wonder if you could help me. I have not eaten for 18 hours.
Me: Hey, me too. That's why I am eating my breakfast now.
Man: I am not asking for money but just something to eat.
Me: OK, you want a banana? I have a banana. In fact, lets go back to the 7-11 for some bananas.
Man: Erm. No thanks. I'll settle for something better.
Me: But.....
Man: I see your Sales are not doing well. You're eating bananas. Your Sales are going to the bananas. (and he walks off)
Me: (WTF)........

Basket. After that, I don't even have the
to finish off the Pepsi.

I told me Wife this and she said, the beggar told me to 'yiak jiew' or eat shit or something in that effect. Basket.