Do's and Don't's of Dinner with Daddy

OK, when it comes to dinner, I find it very common now, that, what I am going to have is very different from what I get in the end. Take for example, my Dinner. Since Kristine and Kaelynn are going to have the main meals of rice and other dishes, there was not enough for us. So, my Wife would cook some spaghetti for me, where, in my own style, I would then add some salad dressing and put in bits and pieces of meat, vege, etc.

And as soon as Kristine saw that, my dinner (spaghetti) became hers. And hers (porridge + chicken) became mine.

Kristine grabbed Daddy's spaghetti

And ate as much as she can

And she really ate them!

Kristine really pushing her luck. This was taken before she
vomited most of the spaghetti out and into the bowl, where
I had to clean it and finish the remaining spaghetti.
(Cannot not waste, ma)

Zooming on The Dog

After reading the manual and still not making any sense in the toilet, I decided to play with my D50 instead. I always wondered how the did those blur effects (it was simple on a computer) in the olden days of negative films. So, I decided to try it out. I just set the shutter speed and nothing else. Maybe I should have gotten a tripod too.

This is The Dog where I shot using preset White Balance

Then I set the shutter to 2 second delay and zoomed in
(Maybe I should have timed my zooming so that the last
few miliseconds would "stay" long enough for the camera
to get a good image)

OK, that was fun. Now, I zoomed out

This was set to 1 second and the effect was not so prominent

The cane

In most cases where there is a cane, you would take a look at it once
and you will know how often it has been used. But how do you know?
Very easy. You only need to experience it and it will stick with you.

So, do you know how this cane was used?

Shitty Patty

Hamburgers are actually minced meat mixed with other stuff.
You can make your own burger by buying your own mince
and add your own ingredient. Then, you just fry it like any
other burger. In making hamburger patties, you just mix
mince meat with spices, onions, etc. and then use your
hands to form a patty.....................

But Kaelynn did it through her butt...........