In Memoriam

Here lies John Mo Sai Lui
Who lost his J-Card when he got jui
He got stomped till pok pok chui
So, the J-card Sale, he mou tak hui

Peri peri veli Hotti

When I bought this just for fun, I did not
know it would be that hot. But here is the
part where it failed: In the ad, the girls ear
has steam coming out and mine doesn't.
Maybe it only affect girls...........

This would give Twisties a run for their money

Obi-wan's Lightsaber B

Dad: I have assembled it! But son, I still do not know what this is.......

Boy: Never mind, Dad. This is what its supposed to be

Obi-wan's Lightsaber A

Boy: Dad! Dad! Look what we made today!
Dad: What is it?
Boy: We made this at the shop
Dad: At the shop? You do not take that subject, boy.
Boy: Well, it was raining the whole day, so the tutor brought us to the shop
Dad: Well, this is a very nice piece. What is it?

Boy: Its a puzzle, Dad. You have to guess
Dad: Alright. Well, this looks like an opening port of somekind
Boy: You are getting warmer, Dad.

Dad: Hmm, the other side has some locking mechanism, though
Boy: Yep. And here is another piece, Dad.

Dad: Wow. You did this all by yourself, Boy? Its very nice.
Boy: Well, not really, our replacement tutor taught us this

Dad: Well, your craftsmanship is very nice