Signing a MOU

The signing of such MOU, to me is just a normal affair, like what you see on the News. But to actually be part of it was a very different matter entirely. The signing today is quite historic because not only was it hosted by Senai Hi-Tech Park but was witnessed by THE Minister from MITI. And just like in the Movies, the press conference was quite amazing except here, the Minister was patient but controlled the situation well. I was there because I can. Really. Oh, OK, so no one bothered to check on everyone entering the room.

Unfortunately, while I did have a good view,
the video of the signing ceremony was spoiled
as the Nokia 5800 hang halfway. Sigh.

And the lighting was not too good since it did
its best to capture the moment. Too bad I did
not take my Nikon D50 there. But its quite
funny to see AGMs, Managers and all trying
to take photos with their Blackberries, normal
mobile phones and such.

This is what was served after the signing ceremony.
The chicken bits were too dry and tough while the
weird fireball looking wantan tasted fruity. But the
pie, the pie....... ummm. Delicious!

I told the registration I was from XXX Press
she said, "Press? You need to register at
the Media
table across". "No, No, my Company
is called XXX
Press.", "Oh, I see, please sign
here, Sir." And all I
got was a simple brochure.

Then I saw the real Press people getting their Press
kits and all in a Senai Hi-Tech bag and I ran to the
table across and said, "I am from XXX Press.", and
they said, "Here you go, Sir." The bag not only
contain the press kits, its free too. Heh heh heh

Maybe I should have titled this post,
"Do not take me to Signing Ceremonies"
I took back four delicious Chicken and
Mushroom pies while eating two myself.

Being an Engineer again

This is a very busy week for me. Its my first week here and so far, I am very happy with the place. In order for me to fit into the place, I have to start from the ground up. There are a lot of places I still have to go to in order to familiarise myself and also understand the whole manufacturing process. Working hours are a bit longer than my two other jobs and so far, with so much to learn, I felt as it its still not enough. And so, every week, I will be moving from one department to another, learning and observing.

And the best part is, apart from travelling in the opposite direction, the company has a Gym and a Canteen. Oh, did I mention that we do not work on Saturdays anymore? Man, I am very happy with this place.

When you're out of your environment,
you have to quickly adapt or else.