How I got wet

OK, go into the bathroom, girl and wait for Daddy.
[Go and get the towel and walks into the bathroom]
No! No! No! Don't sit in the bathtub with your clothes on!
And stop splashing at me!

What do you mean, you won't come to the dinner table?

The hole in the Sky

As I was filling up petrol for my Satria (RM30 a day, dammit) I saw this nice image.......

Yes, there is a hole in the Sky now, over Jusco

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One day at the JPJ...

It took me more than a good 5 weeks (shows how busy I was) to redo my driving license since the stupid security guard gave mine to another person. Come on, you idiots, wake up. We do not look alike even though we're Chinese.

So, at the JPJ, after waiting for more than 6 minutes, I got my number and it was all done in less than a minute, from entering my details to getting a laminated card. (Ha, luckily, there was not "Komputer Off-line")

The form would ask you if you have "Mad Pig Disease" (Hah?)or
unable to see more than 23metres. But how come they never ask
if you're an Initial-D fan? (Sure reject your application, one)

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Sleeping Patterns

I really had to rush out to my car in the cold morning to take
this photo. Kaelynn was sleeping comfortably after she had
taken off her pants for the 3rd time.
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