The Pau

This morning, I got a big pau for breakfast. Normally, when I get such food, it would be either in a plastic container or, I snatch it up form the dish and put it in my car. But today, this is a special Pau because its wrapped in Aluminum. now, when you that, you mind would be thinking:

1. Its radiated. They wrapped it so that it would not set off the dosimeters on the wall.
2. Its more than 200ÂșC insinde. They wrapped it to fool you into thinking its just... warm
3. Somebody bought a lot of aluminum shares.
4. I am a secret courier and this is to fool the security scanners.

Were you thinking any one of the above? No? Don't worry, me neither. I was thinking about where the other Pau had gone to; it was so delicious!

Pink plastic bag, men. Pink plastic bag.

No juice, men. No juice.

Moist and wet, men. Moist and wet.