Its almost there... part II

Finally, the 12 boxes are all packed. But I am too tired to check every item and so, I have to trust the guys at the shop. Each box contains a lot of components which, I think, would have cost a lot more than it should. Still, this is my way for giving back to SFTPMS. I just hope that on that day, there were no last minute registration or whatsoever because to be honest, the thread is a bit weird. Sure you have a lot of people reading it but there were no replies. Even for days. Something which I am not used to, when in other Forums, the replies are very fast.

So, in each box has four industrial grade circuit
boards and components
to make four projects,
plus one for soldering practice. If I were to put
a value to it, I think it would be RM135.

Kristine's Drawing

Me: What is this?
Kristine: It's a Unta
Me: What is Unta?
Kristine: Dunno
Me: Why you tick Unta?
Kristine: Dunno
Me: Unta is Malay for camel. Is this a camel?
Kristine: This is a cow
Me: So, why you tick Unta?
Kristine: Dunno.

After that, with her homework finished, she asked me
what drawing I like and so she could copy it for me. I
chose 'Hello Kitty' but she refused because it was hard

So I let her draw her own and this
this is what she came up with. I
must say, her drawing has clearly
changed again. It has evolved.

Yeah, she is please. Looking
at this picture, she looked as
if she is Kaelynn and vice versa.

Huff and Puff

OK, this is a puzzle. Sure it was raining but where

I came from, there was no strong winds nor any

signs of tonadoes. If it was a small accident, it

could be the reason but there was a break in the

barricades just a few metres before I took this pic.

Its almost there...

With the component list fully made up, its off to the shop for them to pack for me. Here, I got a nice surprised as he called me up while I was at a customer's and ask, if I wanted to put all the components into one big bag or, have them packed into bags, for ready individual person because from the looks of the list, he suspected it was the latter. Usually, shops do not do this as they just sell you the stuff and then that's it. So, there you go, guys, this shop is very different. Yay!

Here is the shot of the components being packed
into individual bags. This is for the first soldering

When I left them, they're still packing the stuff,
even when it was their lunchtime.

Infected sticks

When my Dad related his incident about bringing a wooden pencil to Australia, I thought it was quite amusing. But then, Australia had its reason. they are not taking any chances with the possibility of Malaysian insects still living inside it. Heck, if let loose, they could threaten the Australian wildlife and in short, screw up the food-chain there.

And so, when I was at Mr. DIY here,
I noticed some weird powder in one
of the packets. These are wooden
skewers and no prize for guessing
where it came from.

One of the imported bugs inside the
packets. Unlike Australia, there is no
stringent checks for items like these.
Heck, it did not even occur to them
that such things could happen.

And so, hanging on the shelves, are these
wooden skewers, home to some foreign
insect which might or might not even be
a native insect, is eating the wood in there.

And what would happen you ask? Well, here is some likely scenario:

1) Someone would complain about the powder left on the shelves. The worker will take a look at it and if he is slightly more intelligent than the bug, he/she will do a 2+2 and look up and onto the packets.

2) The worker might notice this and call his/her Boss who will shout around and then call HQ or some other Bigger Boss who would just say, Baygon it and then dump it into the trash. The bugs enjoy a permanent migration to Malaysia.

3) Some idiot Engineer who writes blogs would return to the scene a week later and end up buying them because he is too cheap to simulate rotten wood for his models.

What am I doing?

I have no idea what I was doing, taking photos of a urinal with others looking bemused. I must be going nuts...

But I mean, look at the texture of the hole and all.
Its very very nice, as if it was a former Sarlacc Pit...

One damn good Nasi Lemak

Not sure what was so special about this Nasi Lemak at Jalan 19/1. But I can tell you this; I was so engrossed with it, I was not aware about a huge truck coming out...

A Coke (no Permanis), the last packet of Nasi Lemak
and a hard boiled egg...

And then this truck reversed in, about 8 feet from us
with that fella guiding him. Oh, it cause a huge traffic
jam from both sides too.

Come to think of it, maybe I was hungry after all....