& Gathering

So, it was with great effort, I managed to fulfill yet another social outing. The gathering was held at Little Penang Cafe for dinner, and then adjourn to Cathay CineLeisure for further activities. This is one of those gathering which I enjoyed the most as we all have the same interest: Sci-Fi.

This is also a time where we get to catch up personally instead of in the Forums.
This is also a time where we toss ideas around to help each other out
This is also a time for some TWO fellas to announce their plans which is -CENSORED-
This is also the time to -CENSORED-

Ha ha ha ha! I guess you had to be there to know the secrets. But in the end, we did not go for any movies since the discussion was so engaging. (Also, my curfew was cut short. Ha ha ha)

But there is another thing which I realised. I am participating in more than one Forum and its time to make a decision. I will now decrease my posting activity to Yeah, you heard it first here. Let the others catch up with me and more on. I mean, after almost 75,000 postings, it has no meaning anymore.
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Here is a small competition. Guess the correct names of each person on the
photo, their on-line nick, their IC number and also the colour of their
underwear. The first prize is a rarely washed dinner fork from my kitchen

So, tonight is 31st of May, where at Baskin Robbins, you get 31% discount
You also get to wait behind 31 people queuing up 31 minutes before you

Then I realised, tonight was some Chinese Festival, which I forgot and everyone prayed except me. Oh-Oh.