My Boss went to Langkawi to fix a door

And all we got were these chocolates......


Godammit! The Nokia 5800 is going nuts again!
Its can't even sync properly! And just seconds in
playing a song, it even hangs. Making and receiving
calls are bearable though. The memory scan
trick is useless and so, I have no other choice but
to being it back to Nokia again. Sigh.

Man:... ok, and how may we contact you?
Me: You can try the same number as I am going to transfer the SIM
Man: Alright..
Me: And this number, that's my backup.....
Man: Yes....
Me: And this number, which is my Wife's
Man: Ah...
Me: And this number, which is my office.
Man: Er,
Me; Just in case, here is one more number......

[Update: One day later]
And as luck would have it, Kristine PUK-ed out the SIM from my Wife's card. So I have to give my SIM to her while I go to Celcom for a replacement SIM, which took me days since I was busy with work.