The pacifying

Kaelynn knows I am upset because she cut her hair. She knows its wrong to do it but for her, I think, was a great idea at that time. I mean, she had a problem of her bangs being to long which irritates her eyes and this was her solution. Well, it was a great solution but everyone wished she had consulted some adults first.

I was tired and laid on the floor.
She came in and tried to cheer
me up by massaging my back
and then play with the windmill.

OK. I know she is trying her
best, so I just gave her some
'face' and joined in the fun.
But I am still upset. Well,
still a
little less upset...

My Left Toe

Just took out more nail than I should and it
bled the whole night. Did not notice until I
looked down 24 hours later, wondering
why it was 'itchy' and stinging. Ouch.

Kaelyn DIY cut

As I came home today, I noticed a clump of hair.
And through experience, this means bad news.

Yep, the culprit was Kaelynn who
took it to herself to cut her own

Her excuse was that they were too
long and it bothered her eyes....

Bombs in the Mail

In light of the recent events in Pakistant, words such as Osama, bombs, etc. became very sensitive. And alas, it was also the same time that I 'won' a set of used model kits which, by coincidence, were bombs. And they costs me only RM0.01. I was not worried about it until I realised that they were due to arrive this week...

So, when the Receptionists asked what it was,
I just replied, "samples". You'd think I would
say, "Bombs"?

This was the same model kit I had when I was
a kid. IN fact, I still could not recall what had
happened to them AFTER I left for college.

Not sure what this was called but because of its
shape, it was my favourite and I akways did
carry one of them around in my pockets every
where I went.


I know safety goggles protects your eyes but I have
never seen it enhance your eyes....

Petai for lunch

I mean, hey, they're getting expensive now and for
RM7.00 for this meal (plus drinks), its worth it.