Kristine's and Kaelynn's First Education Fair

My dad told me not to go and I did not feel happy about it although its only once a year. The reason is that my legs are still in pain. I can walk a bit better now, but not on slopes. And so, there is nothing I can do but to slow everyone down. Instead, we went to an Education Fair in PWTC (Putra World Trade Centre)

It would be the girls's first Fair. And right away, you can see the differences between them. Personally, I hate fairs too. It hot, humid and most important, full of jostling crowds. I hate crowds. Anyway, by the time we got into the Fair, even though its still early, there were a lot of people. And despite this, I am calming myself down, so that I do not get grumpy and spoil everyone's mood. And so, it was decided that I take Kristine while Mommy handles Kaelynn. Halfway into the crowd, we got separated and well, lost. And so, with Kristine in tow, I was busy looking all over the place for Mommy and Kaelynn. Walking in and out among the booths, I was unaware of Krsitine's discomfort until she start to bury her face in front of me. And so, immediately, from her face, I can see that she is upset, almost to the verge of being traumatised. And so, I pulled her to one corner, where we could sit down and after some probing, I realised that she does not like crowds either. A few clowns walking here and there did not help either.

She kept saying she wants to "Exit". But I could not do this as we still have not found them (and also, I will cost me another RM4.00 just to get in. ahem). And so, we sat there for a few minutes, hoping to calm her down while I rest my legs too. It is painful but seeing her face all like that, I tried to ignore my own pain. We finally decided to go to the other part of the Fair, which is one level below. I mean, up here, its mostly the big corporate companies, with their loud speakers and magic shows. Its fine but Kristine just do not like Clowns. The level below is much better since it was the smell of food which distracted her just a bit but she was not hungry. And so, luckily for the both of us, there were toys which she could immerse herself in.

By the time we found Mommy and Kaelynn, it was such a relief. Kaelynn came bounding in, all smiles because, I think, this is the environment she loves. Everywhere she went, there were books. And so, we switched girls while Mommy attended to Kristine. As for Kaelynn, she felt so right at home, I let her wander around and bought her an activity book. If she wanted more books, I would have readily sell my, use my Credit card to get it for her. There were other books but she is still too young for them. Lunch was a simple matter of going across to The Mall where we ate to our heart's content on semi-delicious food which even the most amateur food critic would have difficulty finding the excuse to shy away from. Yeah, it was that bad. I mean, we could go to Amcorp Mall but because of the Sunday Bazaar (which was my target), getting a parking spot during lunch hour is really asking for trouble......

I gave Kristine a booklet to read to distract her
from the crowded atmosphere, and this is what
she did instead. No, she did not have bad eyesight.

Kaelynn was the opposite who went
to almost everywhere, with her happy
face. And she got a balloon too.

By this time, things are getting a bit
claustrophobic and this over the top
clown is not helping the situation. A
tall clown can scare a lot of people. I
noticed this as some of the participants
were seen patting their hearts, and
some of them were even men. But this
clown showed a bit of common sense.

Finally, the girls had a good time at the Play-doh
center. I had to look after them while Mommy
went off to look for things which is useful for the
girls to learn and so on.

Then I came across this Monopoly board which looked
very familiar. Richard did ask me to light up a Monopoly
board once but with a 2 week time limit, I could not do
it since I was still working like a crazy guy on drugs.

The LEDs for this board is very dim and I am not
surprised. This Monopoly board is very nicely
designed though. Then again, the placement of
the LEDs have no meaning at all.

And they used a sparkplug tool to serve as a battery
holder and also for the switch. Very imaginative.

After switching it off for a few minutes, I lit it up
again. Although the LEDs are brighter, but its
still not bright enough to attract attention. I can
only guess that whoever did that, did not think
about what happens when the batteries goes flat.
They did not even do a power adaptor as a back
up power source. Damn. OK, Engineering rant over.

Its not easy to pry them off the playset
once they have warmed up to the place.
At least for now, Kristine is happy again.

I like this LED clock. I can do one but I am
too lazy to buy the kits. Ha ha ha ha.

Free China Press! With no one around, I took
an extra copy but got scolded by Wife. Why?
I can't read these weird graphics and yet I
want extra copies.