The Playmates Tricorder II

After reading the manual again, I was so tempted to have the front sensor laser cut since I could not locate any 1/4" transparent discs. And I could not even find any acrylic tubes that small and also cheap nor any buttons for that matter.

I am so tempted to do this up before November 4th's Bazaar, missing sticker or no missing sticker.

Will they laser cutting guys do it for me?
Will they do it in time as well?

Pencil Makeover

I came across this poster last Thursday outside a hair salon in Tmn Maluri. They spotted me taking photos but I stood my ground and pretending to be taking photos of cars across the street. After they went in, I walked off as fast as I could because I knew they're calling for reinforcements. From the corner, I could see they were searching for me.

Anyway, I got away. Phew

Why was this poster interesting?
Why were they so "protective"?

Was this the reason? Ha ha ha ha ha