The Nokia N97i

Believe it or not, my customer has bought the latest Nokia phone. Its the Nokia N97. Not just a N97 nor a mini. But a N97i! Wow!

The Nokia N97i with an Apple iPhone unlock slider

Compared to my 5800, its very small
and compact. Best of all, it does not
have a sliding keyboard

And not only that, its the first Nokia with
dual SIM! Wow! Exciting! Must Buy!
Weeeee! Don't buy, your loss!

Honestly, its made from China and since its so cheap, the Boss bought quite a lot for their staff to use. But as far as functionality, the touchscreen sucks (OK, so maybe I do not know how to unlock the screen) but the voice clarity on the phone is excellent. As long as you are in a quiet room.

The First Monday

Today is the 28th of September 2009. It is the first Monday after the Hari Raya Break. It is also the first Monday for all schoolchildren. It is also the time where everyone is trying to get back into "Work" mode.

And so, jams on the opposite side

And over here as well.
Yep. Everything's returning to normal