Ring Protection

I am not sure why this is so but when I have a stack of papers, which I believe at that moment in time, is precious, I would like to 'protect' them. There are several ways, where one of them is to punch holes into them and stuff them into a big file. The other method is to buy tranparent pockets. But the problem is, if you have a lot of pages, the pocktes would be very expensive. Not only that, if you accidentaly dropped the file, the pockets would tear.

So, the only recourse, of course, is to use the punch. And to protect the holes from tearing, I would have to stick those ring reinforcers. This will protect them from a limited damage but its better than nothing.

These binding methods are so medieval compared to a holographic projection which not only allows you to keep all the pages into one PDA sized device but also allows you to feel the different textures of each material. Sadly, it has not been invented yet, and so, I have to carry this big file around.....

During college days, I would buy boxes of these for

all my notes. Sadly, it did not help me pass most of

the exams but made the shopkeeper happy.

How to start driving

When I first had my driving test, it was an old Nissan Sunny. And boy, it was fun to drive because at that time, the place, like all driving lesson places, are so secret that you won't realise it was there until the Master showed you the way.

Thank goodness we're both straight.

And now, this is a rare sight since (as far as I know) most of these have been conducted in proper driving 'schools' and facilities. In the old days, the Master would get you to drive to an open space and take these cemented bamboo poles out from the trunk so you can start practising. I heard, its not even legal for your Dad to teach you driving anymore. Damn. No fun in this especially if your Dad is a Rally car or a F1 driver.....

This is how you practise your parking. There are
a few, rangingh from side parking to reverse to the
easiest, which is full frontal assault. Somehow,
using the Kancil for this is just too easy and there
is a problem when you use YOUR own car, which
might not be a Kancil, to park after you have
passed your driving test. By then, those bamboo
poles have been replaced with real metal from cars....