We got Kristine a study table (and hope she does not grow out of it too soon) last week. And usually, over the weekend, she would have homework assigned to her which she must complete before Monday.

I was suprised because during my time at the kindergarten, all I could ever remember was running about, bloodied my knees, sitting on school buses and the high ceilings. The word homework did not exist then.

Kristine is diligently doing her homework.
Thanks to Mr. Rotan on her left.

Yep, she is definitely a south paw

System down on a Sunday

One thing I hate about phone calls during the weekends is that they are usually very important (ha.ha.). OK, so I do get occasional calls from friends asking me to come out and meet them in case they (or I) forgot how we all looked like.

Anyway, I got the call from my Boss and my Wife was looking at me as if I was about to use one of my tricks to "escape" from the house. It seemed that one of our customer in Shah Alam suffered a system down. It has nothing to do with a system falling down on to the floor but more on the fact that it is not working at all. When this happens, the nearest person would have to drop whatever he is doing and rush over (or something like that).

My Boss was hesitant to call me since we're the only ones who are married. And so, he called my technician instead, which as usual, did not answer the call which I suspected as much.

So, I have to get up, to go down, to up a downed system.

We got there, dismantled the system, brought it back to the office and tested it. The system suffered total power and multiple card failures in all three cabinets. Then, with whatever stuff we had on hand, repaired it and installed it back on site. And all this took me about three hours. By the time I have finished, it was already raining heavily outside the house. I got soaked from head to toe (and shoes).

This is the system. All three cabinets were affected during the
Saturday thunderstorm.

As I was about to go, I noticed the partition wall holding
the system is weakening. I just hope my predictions are
not coming true too soon.....